The Parting Shift: Four Speed Violence Inside A ’55 Chevy!

The Parting Shift: Four Speed Violence Inside A ’55 Chevy!

North Carolina’s Mooresville Dragway has been open and running as an eighth-mile strip for more than 50 years. That’s pretty impressive in itself. The track is used by Greg Anderson and Jason Line for testing and other pro teams in the South have been known to drop by and whack the throttle from time to time. In this video, we’re perfectly positioned inside a 1955 Chevy that is prepared to battle on the 660′ strip!

We have no specs on the motor or transmission, but we do know that this car hauls ass and tracks down the dude in the other lane as if he is tied to a damned stump!  The gear whine as he pulled into the water box is awesome, the basic tin work leads us to believe that this car has been a racer for a looooong time, and the man’s skill with the shift handle ranks amongst the best we’ve seen in our three years of collecting Parting Shift blog items!

Press play and BANG GEARS!


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14 thoughts on “The Parting Shift: Four Speed Violence Inside A ’55 Chevy!

  1. marcus

    Oh, yeah. I always marvel at all the chowderheaeds staning around the staging area when the burnout takes place…the cars go all over the place and no one is even looking most of the time. But then, I have been one of those chowderheads, and I do it whenever I can.

  2. Keith

    That is a cool ride! I love the way he chases the other guy down…..
    The leather wrapped steering wheel and dash treatment are very cool. Keep up the good work!

  3. odd ball

    You got me all wrong if you think that doesn’t get my heart going. All it does put me on the nitro. And I go from talking to chomping at the bit like a force crew.

  4. al smith

    yep that’s hauling!!… that’s a big car to pick the front up in 1st and 2nd make that sorta speed… I reckon that 1second between 1 – 2 and another second to 3rd gear . awesome ….

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