The STARTING Shift: Four Speed Violence Inside A ’55 Chevy!

The STARTING Shift: Four Speed Violence Inside A ’55 Chevy!

Hey, it is the first day of 2015, right? We need to kick things off in a BangShifty fashion and that means with someone jamming gears in a manual transmission car. We finished 2014 yesterday with a good stick shift video and we are starting with another one here!

North Carolina’s Mooresville Dragway has been open and running as an eighth-mile strip for more than 50 years. That’s pretty impressive in itself. The track is used by Greg Anderson and Jason Line for testing and other pro teams in the South have been known to drop by and whack the throttle from time to time. In this video, we’re perfectly positioned inside a 1955 Chevy that is prepared to battle on the 660′ strip!

We have no specs on the motor or transmission, but we do know that this car hauls ass and tracks down the dude in the other lane as if he is tied to a damned stump!  The gear whine as he pulled into the water box is awesome, the basic tin work leads us to believe that this car has been a racer for a looooong time, and the man’s skill with the shift handle ranks amongst the best we’ve seen in our three years of collecting Parting Shift blog items!

Press play and Watch this driver BANG GEARS in a four speed 1955 Chevy!

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3 thoughts on “The STARTING Shift: Four Speed Violence Inside A ’55 Chevy!

  1. Tom Talmon

    Classic Gearjammers race at Mooresville. 355 sbc. Jerico trans. Not clutchless. The left pedal goes to the floor every shift. If you look closely at the end of the clip, a couple of guys are chasing a calf off the end of the track. It runs behind the hay bales.


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