This Blown Hemi-powered 1927 Ford Has A Four Speed And Runs 9s! So Awesome!

This Blown Hemi-powered 1927 Ford Has A Four Speed And Runs 9s! So Awesome!

(Video credit: VictoryRedColorado YouTube) – So there are cool cars and then there are COOL CARS. This 1927 T with its insanely low slung stance, chopped roof, orange tinted glass, four speed, an blown 354 hemi punches every cool button in the book. Running 9s at over 140mph at Byron Dragway during the Hunnert Car Heads Up Drag Day, this video from the VictoryRedColorado YouTube channel gives a cool look at the machine and shows it making multiple runs down the track. Yes, there is a cage in the car. It is tucked way, way tight to give the driver some room to operate. The car is 100% legal for what it is running.

We’re kind of in love with this car. For every 50 weakling, oddly painted, cliches on wheels, there’s a beastly thing like this out there laying it down like nobody’s business. According to the details provided on the video, the car is owned by Jeffery Jacobson and is lettered with Brother’s Body Shop on the doors.

The weed burner style headers that carry the gasses away from the engine bark out fantastic noise and that injected, blown hemi sounds like it is tuned to absolute perfection. One of the most interesting parts of the video to us was the footage from the second pass. It gives an interesting sense of scale between the little ’27 and the gasser styled 1940s era machine in the other lane. That thing looks like a freaking tank compared to our hero’s car!

There will be some who don’t like the overall look of the car and that’s certainly their right but it is very tough to argue with the performance. 9s with a stick at over 140? This thing is 100% BangShift approved in every way we can think of.

Press play below to see this blown hemi-powered 1927 Ford run 9s!

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One thought on “This Blown Hemi-powered 1927 Ford Has A Four Speed And Runs 9s! So Awesome!

  1. Doug Smith

    I wonder what it would turn for times if he had not short shifted it .Sounds like he shifted around 4 grand .


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