Benoit Pigeon 2016 Photo Highlight Reel: His Favorite Images From The Year That Was

Benoit Pigeon 2016 Photo Highlight Reel: His Favorite Images From The Year That Was

(Photos by Benoit Pigeon) – Our man Benoit Pigeon has had one hell of a 2016. The guys attended events all over the place, shot zillions of photos, and even launched his own publication which we’ll link you to at the bottom of this blog item. For those of you who do not know, Benoit is a professional shooter and a guy that was born and raised in France. He became completely enraptured with the world of door slammer drag racing and when he was old enough and had saved enough scratch, he made the move to the USA and has been at the drags and working as a pro photographer ever since. It is an awesome story and this guy truly bleeds the sport of drag racing, particularly the wild pro modified style cars that populate classes like Pro Extreme, Pro Boost, and organizations like the PDRA, Carolina Extreme Pro Mod Association, Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Association, and others.

In a sign of In a sign of just how much he loves these cars, Benoit launched Legal and Outlaw Magazine this year. We have a link below that you can click to like their Facebook page. The magazine is 100% concentrated the world of full bodied drag cars and if you dig the scene, you need to get yourself subscribed to this publication. He’s doing a great job and telling the stories that you want to read and see. Learn lots more here!


Click the images below to expand them and then scroll to see ’em all –


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