Billy Glidden’s Wrecked Pro Mod For Sale On RacingJunk For $5,000 – Want It?

Billy Glidden’s Wrecked Pro Mod For Sale On RacingJunk For $5,000 – Want It?

Thanks to a tip from BangShifter Alex Skrzypek we have a link and some photos below to the wrecked Jerry Hass pro stock turned pro mod campaigned by Billy Glidden. This is the car that bought the farm in the heinous wreck that Billy suffered at Orlando Speed World before the 2017 NHRA Gatornationals. While we had heard rumors that he was having that car fixed and updated this leads us to believe that he is in the midst of securing a new to him car to run. The machine that is for sale was built to compete in the pro stock category but had served Billy pretty well over the years with a bunch of big nitrous motors in it.

Because of the nature of the wreck, the car is very much a wounded animal and is largely beyond repair. Trust us, if it was not beyond repair, Billy would have had it frankenstein repaired back together by now. Sometimes there’s is just too much damage to overcome without starting over. As you can see, some bars were cut when Billy was removed from the car and that really spelled the end for the chassis that had so many memorable runs on it, like when he made his first five second rip at the US Nationals with his father looking on from the starting line. Heck the graphic scheme on the car was a throwback to his dad’s old pro stockers.

We sure hope to see Billy back at it sooner rather than later. He’s a blast to watch attack the race track.

The ad is very straight ahead:

Pro stock Haas built 105 wheel base
As you see this was in a crash and will need repairs to race or to just have for conversation piece
More parts are available individually price
317-371-0378 Nick

Link: Billy Glidden’s wrecked pro mod for sale on RacingJunk

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8 thoughts on “Billy Glidden’s Wrecked Pro Mod For Sale On RacingJunk For $5,000 – Want It?

  1. Matt Cramer

    Rather expensive conversation piece – but could definitely be worthwhile if you had, say, a race car themed restaurant.

  2. Rob

    Dang, 5K for some bent moly tubing and a trashed body.

    Its a carcass that has been picked clean, I bet the rack is even bent that’s why it’s still there.

    I understand the BILLY GLIBBONS part but really.


  3. Bee Gee

    He bought Dan Stevenson old camaro it\’s being updated and having a mustang body added. He has no timetable to be back out racing, but if you know Billy it will be sooner rather than later.


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