Breaking News: Drag Week Competitor Doug Cline Goes 6.987/203 At Rockingham – Video And Time Slip Here

Breaking News: Drag Week Competitor Doug Cline Goes 6.987/203 At Rockingham – Video And Time Slip Here

It happened at a test session on the fabled strip at Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina last weekend. Longtime Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week competitor Doug Cline became the fifth Drag Week racer in history to turn a six second lap at over 200mph in his Larry Larson built Camaro. Doug is shaking down the car and driving it in (what we think) is prep for Drag Week 2014 which will start at Tulsa Raceway Park this September. While the 6.98 run is impressive, let’s look at the time slip and acknowledge that there’s a lot more left in the well -



The car was darned soft down low as a result of Cline working with the available track conditions. He was at a test day that was populated by mostly import cars and there were few if any other big tire cars laying down any sort of good base for him to work with. After a very loose first lap, track officials at Rockingham dragged for him and that set him up for the successful run you see here. In fact, this best run of the day came after Cline had packed the car up to go home and Larson himself pestered Doug into putting the car back on the track for one more hit to crest 200mph and this was the result. While no one will come right out and say, we’ll speculate that Cline’s Camaro is good for at least 6.80s or maybe better on a strong pass. It made about 40 numbers on the back half of this run and it wasn’t even pouring on the coals as hard as it could have been.

We love it because there’s another six second street car to bring the heater to Unlimited this year. Cline joins Larson, Lutz, Bailey, and Dave Ahokas in the 6-second/200mph club for Drag Week cars. Below watch video of the run. Although you can’t see the score boards you sure can read the time slip above.

Congrats to Doug Cline and crew for this lap, we know it has been something they’ve wanted for a while and it is always cool to see success on the strip!

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5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Drag Week Competitor Doug Cline Goes 6.987/203 At Rockingham – Video And Time Slip Here

  1. David Alphin

    This wasn’t his only 200+ mph run. He ran a 7.114 at 202…as best as I can remember. I was out there this weekend. Track was hooking hard for everyone except high power front wheel drive cars. His first run was DEFINITELY loose and it looked like he had to pedal his way down to keep it in the groove…still kissed the 8 second mark. Second run hooked hard and he cut a good light as well. I sadly left before he made his third pass. Wish I had been there. Photographed the entire test and tune and will back out there on the 27th, hope to see him again.

    1. David Alphin

      Aside from Cline’s car, there was a 68 Camaro running 9′s and 10′s, a turbo Nova, and a couple of Fox Body’s rolling on big tires. Not much else was out there. It was an impressive meet, but there needed to be some more big tire cars out there to really give Cline a shot at the 6.8 range.


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