Historic Drag Video: Drag Racing – Sport of the People

Historic Drag Video: Drag Racing – Sport of the People

By now, you should have read our great interview with Jon Lundberg, the truly great drag racing announcer from the golden era of the sport. Lundberg was called the “Voice of Drag Racing” during his time because he announced everywhere and he also lent his voice to movies, records, ads, and whatever else was necessary. This video is one that he did the voice over work for.

The movie is called, “Drag Racing: Sport of the People” and to our untrained eye it appears to be a promotional film for the United States Drag Team or perhaps for the sport in general. It would have been a handy tool to use when pitching large corporate sponsors due to all the information contained in the movie.

The footage is totally awesome featuring all those names we love from the past in virtually every category. The voice over guy ain’t bad either. Oh yeah, there are just a couple of hotties caught on film in here as well.

Tune in for a great look at drag racing circa the early 1970s

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6 thoughts on “Historic Drag Video: Drag Racing – Sport of the People

  1. RockJustRock

    An article on the USRT in Super Stock Magazine said that in order to officially be called the United States anything they had to get permission from Congress. My guess is this was part of that effort.

  2. Frank

    Other then the improved safety, I think racing was better back then when you could more relate to the cars and maybe even race yourself without having to spend millions.

  3. Norse

    You know how people post about Hollywood stars “appearing” in old timey photographs?
    Notice at 4:13 a very familiar orange Chevy “farm truck” next to the starting line!


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