Money No Object: This 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Looks Like A Factory-Built Pro Street Concept – CLEAN!

Money No Object: This 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Looks Like A Factory-Built Pro Street Concept – CLEAN!

Is it wrong of me to like the fact that this 1991 Chevrolet Camaro looks more stock than modified? It’s something that I look for in cars that I hunt down…I’d rather see a stock dashboard and body, with upgrades only addressing weak points or performance, over massive scoops, flat-panel dashes, gutted interiors and the like. Even in some of my more twisted build ideas, I want a stock-appearing dashboard! That’s why I’m really digging this Camaro…besides being super-clean and built to the nines, there’s still a lot of “factory fresh” look to it. It’s as if someone within GM’s “Toy Box” department wanted to build a Pro Street car, and somehow managed to not load the interior with tweed while resisting the urge to stick wheelie bars out of the back.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t modifications to the car…you have eyes as well as I do, and you can’t miss the 25th Anniversary spoiler (a 1992 only option) or the tall cowl hood. And that’s before we get to the tubbed rear and the Hoosier slicks out back. But the hood is necessary to clear the engine, the spoiler isn’t out of place on the late-third-gen F-car, and I highly doubt that anybody is going to bitch about a sinister black Camaro that looks restored and should run like hell.

Pick a topic and see if you can find anything to hate: the engine is a 408ci small Chevrolet filled to the brim with a Christmas list of goodies that is good for around 600 horsepower. A manual valvebody automatic trans with a trans brake. A nearly-stock interior, save for the Kirkey buckets, aftermarket tach with a shift light and all of the creature comforts in full working order…and that does include the air conditioning. Feed this beast 92 octane all day long and cruise it, or give the throttle a good boot and hang on, it’s your call.

The beauty of this car is that it’s not a one-trick pony. We’d have a set of street rollers for the rear, but that’d be the only thing stopping us from driving the Camaro everywhere. Well, there is one other thing: everybody swerving towards the Camaro, trying to get a better look.

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2 thoughts on “Money No Object: This 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Looks Like A Factory-Built Pro Street Concept – CLEAN!

  1. Gump

    Going to call bullshit on 600 horses, but it does look nice. Be nice to see some time slips, but that would illustrate the true power numbers. 600 horses on a show car is about 400 in reality.

    1. zach kuby

      I suppose you\’re able to tell a cars horsepower by looking at an article about it? Hahaha you\’re a clown bet you didnt even open the link and read the parts list. 600 is not a magical number its relatively simple to hit with an sbc. Google a recipe order the parts and have it tuned.


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