Video: Larry Larson Runs 6.043 at 242.67 MPH: Quickest and Fastest Street Legal Vehicle Ever

Video: Larry Larson Runs 6.043 at 242.67 MPH: Quickest and Fastest Street Legal Vehicle Ever

UPDATE: Since running the 6.058 earlier Friday, we went out on Friday evening and ran 6.043 at 242.67 mph. That is the exact same ET as Fast Freddy out of Sweden, and our mph is more than 10mph faster. We are the world’s quickest and fastest drag truck. When we ran the 6.058 earlier we were not. We are now.


That’s right folks, Larry Larson Runs 6.058 at 241.50 to become the quickest and fastest street legal vehicle on the drag strip. We’re super excited, and the entire crew was crying like babies. It’s an emotional deal for all of us who have been working on this thing all year. Larry, Chad, Tim, Sherry, Daphne, Scott, Jeff, Proline, FuelTech, and all the sponsors want to thank everyone for being so supportive. We appreciate it more than you will ever know.

And to our sponsors on this thing, thank you thank you thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

But…. we ain’t done yet! 5’s here we come. There is more in this thing and we’re putting the tune on it now!


Below is cell phone video from the 6.058 run.


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41 thoughts on “Video: Larry Larson Runs 6.043 at 242.67 MPH: Quickest and Fastest Street Legal Vehicle Ever

  1. Greenjunk

    You may want to “not work or child safe” disclaimer this video. Whoever has the elf voice screaming MF’er prolly isn’t appreciated by all people. By the way that thing is MF’n RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grancuda

    Chad, you got a little ahead of yourself, Fast Freddie’s ’66 is still the quicker per that timeslip. The S10 has a better mph but the ET isn’t as quick ad the ’66.

  3. Ron Jeremy

    Andy Frost in the UK needs to up his game. Fast Freddy could also win the longest burnout…..and the fastest reverse back to the staging area

  4. ColoradoKid

    Hah ! So much for my little MOPAR deluded detractor as well as all those that based their estimates on popular consensus/wishful thinking rather than engineering and aerodynamics !

    Cause at 6:01 .. even though my mph was off … I was damn close … damn close indeed

    Hah ! Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it for awhile .. ;-)

    And if you think thats gloating ? Wait’ll you see what happens if Larry does ring the bell at 6:01 … though like I said before … I hope he does even better

        1. moparnutz

          Hey; Nick D
          oh this wasn’t started for no reason …Colorado douchebag is a total ASSHOLE !!!!
          everyone is sick of his s*** not only me ;never has a good thing to say and always ridiculing the website and… Mopars.. in general !

          1. Nick D.

            Yes, it was. He’s certainly been more civil lately. All he said the other day was that his estimate for the truck was a 6.10, citing aerodynamics as the ultimate barrier. He did say that he hoped Larry would prove him wrong though. Nothing wrong with that.

      1. Scott Liggett

        Titled, registered, and insured in the state of Missouri where he lives. While it’s true, in other states, it would not be. Larry doesn’t live, his car is not registered there. And, no one gives a shit about what is or is not legal in other states. Get over it, shut up, or freaking move.

      1. Grancuda

        The statement was “Not only that folks, the venerable S10 is now the quickest and fastest truck in drag racing history. PERIOD. ” Nothing about street legal or any of that crap, Quickeat & Fastest PERIOD, it’s not.

          1. patrick u

            Dude, you’re a real prick. You can’t have a rational discussion with anyone. As soon as they start throwing out facts that you don’t like, you start taking blows at them….

  5. Dave Allen

    congrats to the team. this street legal thing is gonna get better and better. The s10, frosty upping his game, and bangshfft hinting at another car a while back. And sick seconds upping the ante. I can wait!

  6. Bondy

    Stop claimg someone else’s records, you apear to be very good at that. Fast Freddy has the Fastest Truck still. When you get into the 5’s you may claim it then, but not until you do!

    1. Chad Reynolds Post author

      Bondy, we were unaware that Fast Freddy had been 6.043 when we ran the 6.058. Nobody was trying to do something wrong. Since running our 6.058 we have now ALSO ran 6.043 at 11mph faster than Freddy. So we are the quickest and fastest now. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. C Royer

    think my guess for the racepack is a little weak (5.945) is it gets in a really good pass—-good luck LL&CR and friends

  8. Vinnie

    Larry is just having fun with everyone. When he gets serious with that thing, EVERYBODY better hang on. 5.70 right around the corner. Fantastic run Larry, bring that truck to P R P !!!! I have some great pix of the Nova here.

  9. greg

    I cant believe no one has mentioned his 60′ times,they should be at least a tenth quicker for the times he is runnin so i’m guessin he will do like he did in the first dragweek.Try n blow everyones mind with a last do or die pass!

  10. greg

    Guess for the time….. 5.81 at 247.53!!!!!! Oh and by the way COLORADO KID if you have anything fast its because of your lips bein the power….not the motor!!!!


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