Want Some Different Heads On Your Small Block Ford? These Gurney Eagle Pieces Will Do The Trick!

Want Some Different Heads On Your Small Block Ford? These Gurney Eagle Pieces Will Do The Trick!

If you are building a small block Ford engine and are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, we think that this incredible set of Gurney Eagle heads may be just the ticket for you. Rare, cool, and pretty decent even by today’s standards the heads in this ad come with everything from valves to a magneto! The engine that these came off of was mechanically fuel injected so you get all of that stuff as well. Sure, there are some really killer small block Ford modern heads that would eat these old girls up, but if you want a high winding and capable Ford mouse engine this is your shot and the way to do it with a flair that none of the other guys you know can match.

You are not exactly going to be making gobs of low end power with these heads but if your idea of fun is 7,000 RPM power shifts, these aluminum beauties may by your ticket to personal paradise. You’ll need to find a valve and a retainer apparently but don’t let that stop you. If you want to jump into the bidding pool the opening shot is $8,900. That’s serious dough but these are serious parts.

Heres what the seller says:

These are almost impossible to find, coupled with all the accessories and excellent condition it will be hard to find any set that will compare for sale. This setup comes with an excellent set of casting, no signs of damage, nice port work. One head is disassembled but most of the parts are in the boxes to assemble them. There is one valve missing along with a retainer I believe. There may be something else minor missing that I have not noticed but look at all the pics, this setup is pretty darn complete. The rockers are a shaft system and look to be in nice shape also. There are some options here as far as an intake setup goes. First we have a mechanical injection setup. This includes the pump, timing cover etc. There are companies that will convert this mechanical setup to electronic injection if you prefer. There are what I believe to be a set of Weber adapters as well. Finally there is a set of cast aluminum adapters to fit what looks like a Boss 302 or possibly 351 Cleveland style intake. The port size and shape are certainly from those engines. The valve covers are excellent as well at are cast with “MAG” inside meaning they are the magnesium versions from what I can tell. There is also a Joe Hunt magneto inlcuded.



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