Watch a Wild International Scout Gasser Pull Huge Wheelies on the Strip

Watch a Wild International Scout Gasser Pull Huge Wheelies on the Strip

We got a tip from Canadian Dave Pelissier to check out a couple of videos featuring International Scouts made into drag race cars. As it turns out, Dave has the coolest one of the bunch so we’re concentrating on his killer ’63 Scout that has some truly amazing hot rod history. Built in Manitoba back in the 1970s, this Scout was known as the Elephant Hunter and was actually powered by a 426ci Chrysler Hemi! The front drive axle was swapped for a van style beam axle and leaf springs, the motor was moved back to better balance the weight, and the truck became the 12-second street racing terror of Manitoba. Back then the rear was a late 1950s Oldsmobile piece that has el steepo 5.14 gears in it! A clutch-flite transmission handled getting the power to the big Mickey Thompson meats out back.

Like lots of cool junk from back in the day, the truck then disappeared…until last year when Dave dragged it out of retirement and brought it back into the world of the living. Gone is the Hemi, replaced by a 377ci SBC with 11.5:1 compression, Brodix heads and intake, a stiff solid lifter cam and a Turbo 400 transmission. Dave says the motor makes 510hp. Thankfully the Ansen Sprint wheels are on the truck still. They look sooooo bitchin’.

There are a bunch of videos showing Dave hanging the front wheels loud and proud at Manitoba, Canada’s Gimli Dragway. Scroll down to watch the videos and keep scrolling for a link to a magazine article written about the track back in the late 1970s/early 1980s. This Scout is 100% BangShift Approved! It reminds us of Doug Nash’s Bronco Buster Ford Bronco Funny Car from the 1960s! The truck has run bottom 11s and Dave thinks that it will be in the 10s in 2012. How’s that for awesome?!

Link to the history of Dave Pelissier’s 1963 International Scout!

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