Have A Soul Sucking Commute? See How It Stacks Up With Others Using This Neat Map

Have A Soul Sucking Commute? See How It Stacks Up With Others Using This Neat Map

Communting is a reality for many people across the world. Some people get to cruise just a couple miles of country roads to the office while others are stuck in a hellish loop of city driving with the masses each day, in both directions. That can be a real drag, especially when traffic backups or highways that were designed by kindergarten kids cause delays and major stress.

So how bad is your commute? Think you have the crummiest one in the known universe? Now’s the time to check that out and we have just the tool to allow you that pleasure. The guys over at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com developed this map with the help of research from multiple sources to literally plot the average commute time from pretty much every little berg and hamlet in the USA. We checked it out and the town that BS eastern world HQ is located in has an average commute of about 36 minutes per commuter. By those numbers we’re guessing that people are not going far or they are going early because in these parts, 36-minutes at drive time is not going to get you a long way.

This is a pretty neat deal and they have all kinds of facts about the best and worst cities along with some data to back it all up. Kill some time and relax. After all you are probably all tense from squeezing the wheel so hard on your way to the office!


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3 thoughts on “Have A Soul Sucking Commute? See How It Stacks Up With Others Using This Neat Map

  1. Falcon67

    Hmmm. When we lived in Spring (Harris County) I had a 50 minute morning, 1:10 afternoon. Wife had about 45 min both ways. Site calls that zip code average 31 min – took that long to get to the grocery store. Fun if possibly not terribly informative.

  2. oldguy

    Current = 2.5 miles (1.5 as the crow flies ) and one stop light – 5-8 min
    there are two lights in town .
    Late 78 in Anaheim Ca – Harbor Blvd to Newport/Cost Mesa = 20 min early morningon a motorcycle . Same trip back on a rainy day + 4 wheels was 1+ hr

  3. jerry z

    My commute on the map is accurate, 30 mins. When I lived in NJ, my last commute was RT287 to NY Thruway to Palisades Parkway. Now THAT was a soul sucking commute!


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