This Nova Is A Real Deal, Real Guy, Real Fun Pro Touring Car – BangShifty!

This Nova Is A Real Deal, Real Guy, Real Fun Pro Touring Car – BangShifty!

(Photo credit: Kaleb Kelley/ – Here’s a car that we think BangShifters will get behind. Jeff King’s 1967 Nova is the type of real world pro touring build that we really love. It is not crazy, it is not intended to go out and win the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Instead it is a project built with great parts to be very fun to drive and also reliable and cool. A TPI 350 powers the car. If that does not at least make you smile a little, we don’t know what will. No LS engine, no crazy billet filled interior, just nice paint and stour parts like a Chris Alston’s Chassisworks G-Link in the back among other stuff.

The dash in the car is pretty awesome as well. A Dakota Digital piece that really nails the modern look while being integrated into the factory dash. To us, the more clearly classic and modern are blended in a pro touring the car, the better. Some of these things have gone so far over the top it is insane. Not this one. Jeff King used some great decisions to build himself a fun car that he can drive across the world if he wants to.

Now you have to read the whole feature here. If you loved this little tease you will really love the whole story!



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