To Be Honest, This Trip To The Local Quick Lube Place Could Have Gone Better – Video

To Be Honest, This Trip To The Local Quick Lube Place Could Have Gone Better – Video

This video is pretty hilarious mainly because no one got hurt, the car has since been repaired, and the music bed laid down under the footage of this innocent Chevy bursting into flames after an oil chance at the local quick lube shop. We can see the car sitting over the service pit with a couple of the employees walking around the front of it. One guy is munching some potato chips and the other kid is getting ready to fire up the car to make sure there are no leaks apparently. One problem…there’s a leak and that ain’t oil.

We are obviously not 100% sure as to what turned this Chevrolet into Mount Vesuvius but if we’re going to Friday morning coach this thing we’re saying that they may have changed a fuel filter and not properly reattached the line. When the thing pressurized it blew the line off and started fire hosing fuel onto the engine and voila! Volcanic excitement! While one guy actually makes a feeble attempt to blow on the fire, a second nabs and extinguisher and is able to get the flames knocked down in about 15 seconds from the time they erupted. Using the other kid’s method of panic and vapor lock the whole freaking place may have burned down.

The is an easy place to take swipes at the quick lube shop but since the guy who posted the video didn’t we won’t. We’re not saying you shouldn’t but we’re not going to. Oh..and didn’t they just recall all these things for some reason regarding fire? This would be pretty crazy if we’re actually seeing the stuff the recall was designed to fix, right?

Press play below to see another job well done at the Quick Lube shop –

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3 thoughts on “To Be Honest, This Trip To The Local Quick Lube Place Could Have Gone Better – Video

  1. Matt Cramer

    I just had that recall work done on my Buick – it’s a replacement valve cover and gasket, to combat an issue that could dump oil all over the front exhaust manifold. That doesn’t appear to be what caught fire here.

  2. drfdisk

    That was actually not their fault, but I bet the business owner still had to pay for it. Those 3.8s are bad about backfiring in the intake and blowing up the plastic manifold. Last one I saw was caused by old, worn out plugs that miss-fired during start and BOOM!


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