Vans and Busses On The Nurburgring – Who Says Running A Coach Around A Track Can’t Happen?

Vans and Busses On The Nurburgring – Who Says Running A Coach Around A Track Can’t Happen?

The Nurburgring Nordschliefe is far and away still¬†the track for people who love to race with corners. Since 1927, the track has operated days where the public can go onto the track and have some fun. Now, technically, racing on the track is forbidden on these “Touristenfahrten” days, but we all know damn good and well that since there is a racetrack that only has one-way traffic and the allure of it’s mythos among racetracks, that hot-shoes will line up to pay for the toll onto the Green Hell to do a little testing of their own. And we see plenty of footage of the fun, with hot hatches zipping around corners, BMWs duking it out with Porsches, and hot motorcycles all carving up the corners…or, occasionally, carving up another section of Armco barrier after taking the fun one step too far.

It’s when you see vehicles you’d never think of taking onto such a roadcourse that things become entertaining, like a plumber’s van duking it out with a cargo hauler, or a DHL service truck that looks fresh from a bit of off-road abuse whipping around the bends. It’s the Volkswagen Vanagon that sounds like it’s been V8-swapped going sideways on wet asphalt, or a freaking motor coach leading the hatches along like some sort of odd-ball duck and hatchlings combination where you just have to watch the strangeness roll on by.

“Adventure is taking inappropriate equipment to out-of-the-way places.”

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