As It Turns Out, A Jeep That Spent 40 Years Under A Sand Dune Looks As Bad As You’d Expect

As It Turns Out, A Jeep That Spent 40 Years Under A Sand Dune Looks As Bad As You’d Expect

Four decades ago a rapidly shifting sand dune basically swallowed up a small garage where a Jeep Wagoneer was parked. After the structure was fully ensconced in sand town officials in the tiny hamlet of Truro which is out near the very end of Cape Cod would not allow anyone to mess with the dune or uncover the Jeep for fear of apparently causing some sort of environmental disturbance. Fast forward to about a week ago and the town themselves was on the scene to watch heavy equipment remove the Jeep (as you will see…not gently!) from its partially collapsed tomb.

Using a big front end loader and a strap they basically hooked up and started pulling. At first the sand did not want to give the Jeep back but when the driver of the loader leaned into the throttle a little, it started coming out and there’s really not much left to look at. The thing was in horrible shape to start with but the removal process also handily ripped the front axle off and nearly tore the whole truck into halves.

You’ll see someone use a screwdriver to pop the V8 badge off the front fender and that’s about the only thing worth keeping it seems. The axles may be useable but you have to remember that this thing was in ground zero salt spray, wind, and sand since Jimmy Carter was steering the country. The motor is probably rusted and seized solid.

A weird story with a pretty violent ending. Fast forward though the first minute to see the action and then check out the close ups. After that, bail. A weird story for sure. We love the late 1960s/early 1970s Wagoneers so it is kind of sad to see this one in such horrid shape.

Some cars die with their boots on. This one didn’t.

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3 thoughts on “As It Turns Out, A Jeep That Spent 40 Years Under A Sand Dune Looks As Bad As You’d Expect

  1. john

    The Cape Cod Times…covering every hard hitting story! Next… Mrs Murphy caught using canned clams in her famous NE Clam Chowder!

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Canned clams?

    Isn’t that another term for ladies underwear – I’d certainly avoid Mrs Murphy’s chowder….

  3. TheCapeCodKid

    I was barely a teenager living on Cape Cod and I remember when this jeep being buried initially happened. It wasn’t a big deal back then and was just a funny story about how someones jeep got buried by a sand dune. I completely forgot about it until this story. Thanks for the memories.


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