Blog War: Big Block, Crew Cab Chevrolet Goodness – A Fitting Parting Shot

Blog War: Big Block, Crew Cab Chevrolet Goodness – A Fitting Parting Shot

Lohnes actually thought he was gonna send me down for the count with that Dodge he posted. While he did pretty well locating a dually Dodge from the 1970s, the fact is that that color green should only exist in toothpaste, the interior made a Romanian jail cell look comfy, and it was powered by a stock 360. Nope…sorry, boss, but you’re going to have to do better than that if you want to take me out of the fight. Ex-Forest Service or otherwise, that Dodge was good, but not enough.


My next shot in this war isn’t aimed at making Brian curse my name for finding yet another truck he wants badly…no, instead this is for myself. When I was a kid, still living in Washington State,  I was friends with a guy named Hunter. He liked some odd vehicles (Chevrolet LUV trucks and Honda Passports come to mind) but the only vehicle I ever saw him own was a big-ass white four-door Chevrolet dually. It had the 454 and automatic, sounded snottier than the smog-choked engine had any right to sound, and would cook the back tires if pushed. It had a turning circle that made the Queen Elizabeth II look like a Lotus Elise on summer tires and had all the sex appeal of a house fire. But pretty much everybody that he hung around with could ride in that truck and it could take all of the abuse that a learning driver could dish out. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, we’d been driving for years by that point.


What made that Chevy so attractive is that I couldn’t think of a single thing it couldn’t do besides pass a gas pump. Haul stuff? For days. Tow? If memory serves me correctly, he towed my Caprice home the day I bought it. Haul ass? Literally and figuratively. Off-road? Surprisingly well for a two-wheel drive one-ton truck that was a city block long.




This 1976 C30 is a near-dead-ringer for Hunter’s old truck. It’s not ugly enough to avoid, not pretty enough to show, but there’s everything to love sitting on six tires. And oh, yeah…there’s a radio for when you’ve turned the bed of the truck into date night with some lass and you want a little mood music. That Dodge? Just the sounds of you explaining why the truck is painted Colgate green. What say you?

eBay Listing: 1976 Chevrolet C30 454


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2 thoughts on “Blog War: Big Block, Crew Cab Chevrolet Goodness – A Fitting Parting Shot

  1. doug gregory

    If I thought the competition was over Bryan, you’d get the win with this one. Something tells me Brian is keeping an ace up his sleeve and will use it when threatened.


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