Insane Video: Ride In A Garbage Truck As It Careens Off A 100ft Tall Overpass – Driver Lived!

Insane Video: Ride In A Garbage Truck As It Careens Off A 100ft Tall Overpass – Driver Lived!

Your worst day at work does not compare to Kaseem Smith’s. Smith was driving a garbage truck in Florida when something caused the rig to make a hard right turn at highway speeds. This would normally be a really bad thing but when it happens on an overpass that is about 100ft in the air, it really sucks. Smith was not wearing his seatbelt when the flight began and he was apparently ejected from the truck but lived. Even more shockingly, the truck did not land on anything or anyone directly and this was a zero fatality incident. People in the neighborhood were the truck landed reported that it sounded like a massive explosion as the machine smashed into the ground with its compactor on the back.

The police released the video and there are a bunch of angles. We cannot clearly tell what triggered this to happen. There has not been anything actually reported on the cause of the accident and when you watch the video there’s at least one angle that shows Smith behind the wheel. It is impossible to tell if he yanks the wheel or the wheel simply dives to the left and takes the truck with it.

Having once suffered a wheel bearing seizing tight while driving a large truck down the highway, we can tell you that the wheel can certainly “pick a direction” when there is a mechanical failure of some type. We’re going to keep an eye on the news reports to see if we can find out what the final ruling is on the cause of this one.

It is a miracle that Smith survived and has already left the hospital. We’re thinking that he may still be replaying this situation in his head on a constant loop. Just amazing stuff.

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