Texas Raptor Run Action Part 2 – More Fun Rippin’ It Up

Texas Raptor Run Action Part 2 – More Fun Rippin’ It Up

(Photos by Charles Wickam) – We’re back with part two of Charles Wickam’s photo log from his visit to the Texas Raptor Run Raptor X event at the Texas Rally Ranch in Dale. As a reminder, at this deal they took three classes of Raptors that ranged from stock to highly modified and raced them around a three mile long rally loop at high speed. Slogging through the mud, powering over whoop-de-doos and slinging slop to the next county. In short, this event looks like it was AWESOME.

There is a 2017 schedule that you can see by CLICKING HERE if you want to get in on the fun. The events are held at different places and the challenges change from location to location. If you’ve got a Raptor and are wanting to hang out with fellow members of the club and beat the daylights out of your truck, be a part of the fun!


Click the images below to expand them – Raptor X looks bad ass!

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