Yes, You Need This M29 Weasel As A Spare Vehicle! Tracks For The Win!

Yes, You Need This M29 Weasel As A Spare Vehicle! Tracks For The Win!

If there is one thing I have managed to learn from marriage (besides “yes, dear”) it’s how to shop wisely. For example: you buy sweatshirts and hoodies the first week that spring-like weather hits the region, when the stores are unloading all of their stock in a hurry. The same thing goes for this M29 Weasel. The snow is gone, the price is right, and you know that come late fall or early winter, the first time the ground goes soggy or the weatherman on television decides to name a winter storm, you will be kicking yourself for not jumping on this little tracked breadbox when you had the opportunity to.

The M29 was designed for World War II use, first appearing in 1942. Packing a Studebaker “Champion” six-cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission, the Weasel was originally intended for use in snow conditions and anywhere else that wheeled vehicles would be rendered useless. But Weasels were open vehicles, basically a tub on top of tracks…so we have to assume that when the seller mentions that this particular M29 was “modified in the 1970s”, that the modifications included the foresight to box in the rig to look more like a Sno-Cat.

Truth be told, it makes us think of a Jeep DJ-5 set low on tracks, and that’s not a bad thing. Your neighbors and even local authorities might have something to say about you tearing around on the streets with it, but when the day comes that the snow is just too deep or someone needs to be dragged out of a field, you’ll be there, ready to let your little gray brick on treads get to work.

Craigslist Link: 1940s? M29 Weasel

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One thought on “Yes, You Need This M29 Weasel As A Spare Vehicle! Tracks For The Win!

  1. sbg

    so much want, so small of wallet

    Even if I got a “deal” on it, I still have to ship it across country. I’d be all of that, otherwise.


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