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1969 Camaro Dragged From Bottom Of Oklahoma Lake Full Of Corpses – 1950 Chevy As Well! Creepy News!

1969 Camaro Dragged From Bottom Of Oklahoma Lake Full Of Corpses – 1950 Chevy As Well! Creepy News!


In a news story that seems to come right of the screen of a Wes Craven movie, police in Oklahoma discovered two cars submerged at the bottom of a lake while doing training exercises and both cars were full of dead bodies. The 1950 Chevy had the bodies of a man and two women in it. Police believe that these people who have been listed as missing since the late 1960s. The 1969 Camaro had the skeletons of three people in it and like the older Chevy, police believe they know who the three people in the Camaro are as there is an open case dating from the early 1970s.

Reportedly, police discovered the two cars in the remote lake when they were testing out new sonar equipment at the place known as Foss Lake. After the cars were located, they were dragged out of the lake and that is when forensics investigators were allowed to deal with the skeletons in both of them. Searching open case files, it didn’t take long for authorities to gather who they may be looking at.

Quoting from an NBC News story -

“The Camaro is believed to be associated with the disappearance of three students at Sayre High School: Jimmy Allen Williams 16, Thomas Michael Rios, 18, and Leah Gail Johnson 18. They were last seen on Nov. 20, 1970, in Jimmy’s car — a blue 1969 Camaro, which was never found, according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a bureau of the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice.”

The old Chevy may belong to a missing couple who were traveling with an acquaintance and disappeared roughly a year before those in the Camaro. Police are also working to confirm their identities.

This is obviously a sad story, but we hope it brings some closure to the families. The fact of the matter is that if the police had not chosen that particular lake in the middle of nowhere to test this new equipment out in, they’d have never been found. Even with today’s technologies it seems nearly impossible to figure out how both of these cars and all of these people ended up at the bottom of the lake. Creepy as hell.



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66 thoughts on “1969 Camaro Dragged From Bottom Of Oklahoma Lake Full Of Corpses – 1950 Chevy As Well! Creepy News!

        1. Crispy

          Maybe you all should just chill out and enjoy life. You’re taking it far too seriously with your first world issues.

        2. Vasya Bricklyn

          Wasn’t even a funny movie either. Smack the next person as hard as you can just for quoting a stupid ass movie.

      1. drone

        3fan is 4 years old. I know you are but what am I? lol get a life have fun while you can and by the way. it will buff out. might need one of those pine tree air fresheners on the interior though.

  1. rick smith

    Check for UFO sightings around the time they went missing…I suspect an alien craft picked up the cars and dropped them in that remote lake…why else would TWO cars be in a REMOTE lake…both with missing dead people?????

      1. Anonymous

        Go ahead and make lite of a family’s loss. These deceased are missed by many, and it seems you find it amusing.

          1. Doris

            I find humor in a lot of things…when it’s funny. However like others, I find nothing humorous about this horribly sad story. Those people were more than just “things” to the families and friends that loved them. my heart and prayers go out to them.Hope you never have to be in that situation.

        1. Todd

          To all the Morons on this page that actually think any of the family members of these victims are going to see, much less read anything on this page 30+ years after the fact…. seriously?…. get a grip!!! You all have a serious case of “Full Cranial Rectal Inversion.”

          1. Todd

            Hell, the chances are, the only Family &/or Friends of these victims that have computers obviously didn’t actually know, but only knew of the missing family members from family stories. The man & woman were from the early 60s & the others were kids from the 70s (my era) so the chances are anyone emotionally attached from this era is either dead or a little old to be rockin’ a computer (like my mother!)

  2. kimmie

    This is a crazy story. R.i.p to those 5 victims. I think it seems fishy that 2 different disapaera seems odd that maybe someone put those cars there? I hope this get investagted futhee.

    1. Anonymous

      There isn’t going to be much to investigate! Considering these cars have been submerged for 40-50 years, forensics are gone!

  3. J-F

    Finally some truth in the cheap cars because there were dead bodies inside.

    So were they killed and left there or both ended down there by accident? I’m not sure which is creppier?

  4. Not funny

    It’s a shame some people have to be funny during the loss of people and their families who have wondered for decades what happened to them. At least they have some closure.

      1. Doris

        With a name like “Balls Gumbo” I find it hard to take ANYTHING you say seriously. I think you’re the one that should walk your gumbo balls off this page and find something real to laugh at…like your name! LOL!

        1. Calvin Murphy

          I agree with Doris. Boy, you need to check your nitrous line because you’ve been huffing why too much goofy gas to think fun at other peoples expense and hardships are funny. Jerk wad.


    They were found at the end of the boat ramp. I bet they thought the lake was frozen and attempted to drive on it…and…well. At least some families will be able to bury their loved ones.

    1. Me

      “They were last seen on Nov. 20, 1970, in Jimmy’s car — a blue 1969 Camaro, which was never found,” I doubt the lake was frozen that time of year, possible, but not probable.

      1. chadb

        that lake wouldn’t be frozen enough to attempt walking on, much less driving on in November. probably wouldn’t even be frozen. this is Oklahoma, not Wisconsin.

  6. ImpalaGuy

    Sad day for both families, we all realize that. On the other hand, we are here to talk about the cars, not the tragedies of 40+ years ago. I noticed that the ’50 Chevy with the full perimeter frame held up better than the (relatively) newer unit-body Camaro which has not been missing (under water) as long. It looks like the back end of the Camaro pulled right off when they tugged it out of the lake.

  7. fire momma

    I don’t understand you people. .. yes there is humer in almost every situation! This as tragic as it is should be a good day for these families. . All they want is to know what happened! People really need to relax.. I’ve been the family of a sad story before. .. and you should take every opportunity to smile! Don’t dwel on the sad. .. and be intrigued by the how!

  8. Johnny

    *GASP* There must be a curve in the road, with an optical illusion, near the lake! Somehow, it disappeared from the story…Maybe Aliens abducted the info…Creepy!

  9. Jonathan

    It is a very sad tragedy. It was only two explanations on why tho’s two cars got there from being so far apart. Like Kalpolitz had said of could of been a murder but the only way that could be possible is they were pushed off the road while they were still in there car. Or the killer knew all the victims, because two cars crashing in a remote lake is likely to happen but you would have more insistent of cars crashing there in ten years. So the conclusion they were murdered and put there and if that is true then its probley not his or hers first nor last victims So the police might want to look for missing cases in and around there Zip code because they probley would find more and most likely it would be near water. ” Or you can believe in UFO”S”

  10. Huskinhano

    Something like that happened by me about 20 years ago. They were dredging a resivour and found 2 adults and 2 children in a submerged car. They were able to make ID because the woman had a plastic handbag that preserved it. The woman had left her husband and took the kids and was with her boyfriend. The husband had thought she left with the kids and that the kids were fine but never made contact with him. The police think she fell asleep while driving, went into the water and no one saw it happen.

  11. Crispy

    There was a bizarre similar occurrence in Ohio a few years ago. Didn’t take 50 years to find it though, because there was a 3 story office building with a pond out front, just deep enough to submerge a car. On the other side of the pond was a T-junction intersection and traffic light. When everyone arrived at work that following Monday morning, they saw a white car in the pond and called the police. Divers found a dead woman in the car that went missing the previous Friday night, but they found her in the backseat, no skid marks on the road, no sign of foul play. It’s still a very mysterious story.

  12. Ray

    Actually, tearing down the engines may shed some light on what possibly happened. In most cases, submerging a hot running engine results in cracking of the pistons and/or other parts. If that is the case, then they would at least know that the cars were driven in, leaning more to the possibility of driver error…. Not definitive, but it’s something….

    1. james1953

      the Beckham county sheriff and highway patrol went through the whole car already, it was sad to see them pull out skeleton remains and tear up both cars even more

  13. geoff hutchings

    after digging searching . i would put those cars back in lake where is it belong as grave site of those lost souls should lay to rest in peace there for their family stake.

  14. samuel shaffer

    Do u want to sale the camrao if u do i want toby it i will give u &150 for it here is my number 1-806-205-1463

  15. james1953

    I think they shouldve buried Jimmy in his car, that is hisgrave and his car should not of had the top cut off and thathat goes for the othe car as well.

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