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Auction Insanity: Ray P. Lambrecht Collection 500 Cars From An Old Car Dealer In Nebraska – Trade Ins, Never Sold New Cars, More!

Auction Insanity: Ray P. Lambrecht Collection 500 Cars From An Old Car Dealer In Nebraska – Trade Ins, Never Sold New Cars, More!

(Here’s another off the “top 10″ most viewed blogs list for 2013….we wish we had some dough to attend this auction with!) So this is straight out of a movie. A small town Nebraska Chevy dealer took every unsold new car from every model year he was in business and just about every single car he ever took as a trade in and saved them all. Sounds cool, right? It is, especially when you know that there are 500 of these cars and they they’re all heading for auction at the end of August. According to the auction house the vast majority of these cars are original survivors that have not been altered much from their stock configuration. The truly wild angle on this thing is the quantity of new cars that were never sold and include their MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin).

These cars must have less than 20 miles on them if they came on the truck, went into the dealer, and never left the lot outside of a test drive or two. The auction listing shows a Vega wagon with 17 miles, a Corvair with 14 miles, a Corvair Monzza with ONE mile, a 1980 Monza with nine miles, a 1976 Chevy truck with four miles, a 1975 Caprice with 7 miles (equipped with a 400), a ton of mid 1960s Chevy trucks with less than 10 miles, a Chevy C70 tractor truck with five miles, a 1957 Be Air with a 265 and 4bbl, two 1965 Impalas with 396 engines and less than 1o miles, and on and on and on.

The trade in list has a SLEW of awesome stuff on it. You need to check the photos below and then hit the link under them to see the whole story. This is absolutely incredible and that auction is going to be a mad house full of guys looking for original iron that they can either clean up and flip, or clean up and drive. We hope more for the second than the first!

Thanks for the tip, Matt!

Incredible Chevy auction link

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30 thoughts on “Auction Insanity: Ray P. Lambrecht Collection 500 Cars From An Old Car Dealer In Nebraska – Trade Ins, Never Sold New Cars, More!

  1. Herb

    The creatures and geniuses will converge and there will be no bargains to be had. All the people who watch those crazy car flip shows will be thinking “I can get $70,000 for that!”

    1. Challenger 6 Pac

      That’s the problem with shows like that. They get folks believing their old Yugo is worth $85,000 and it makes it hard for folks like us to get a decent car at a reasonable price.
      Barrett Jackson ain’t helping things either.

      1. Brent

        Auctions, social media, and TV shows only get the word out. Something is worth what somebody is willing to pay… or in the case of an auction, two people are willing to pay. IMO, hard to say it isn’t a “reasonable price” if two or more people are willing to pay it. It may be worth it in your mind but those bidding have their reasons for bidding as high as they are. Cars being sold at less than “normal current value” go quick, those that are priced too high sit, and those that are priced “just right” sell in between somewhere :)

        1. Challenger 6 Pac

          Do you know how many times I’ve been looking for a car to fix up and been told that one like it was sold 50,000 om Barrett Jackson last month?

          1. Dave Dye

            47,357 times. At least. Or. “I am going to fix that one up.”, and it’s still there ten years later with more wear.

        2. Raul X. Garcia

          Sorry but you are missing the point. We are talking about people who’s wealth will surpass the wealth of the combined readership of Bangshift at least a 1000 fold. Probably much higher. In other words us working folk are lucky if we can afford the ticket for admission just to watch the show.

  2. Turbo Regal

    I drove past this area about 10 years ago. Most of these cars were outside, rusting into the ground. Some good stainless trim available, maybe, but that’s about it.

    1. rockstone56

      yeah, send gas monkey and the count so they can rip off the owner of these cars only to put a couple dollars into them and rip off someone else!!!

      1. jr

        Assholes like the count and the ass monkees just fuck things up for us Real hot rodders. All they care about is making a buck.

  3. Craig Denison

    If feather wasn’t the right answer, what is, please, you said I was incorrect. My post (again) read- I’d like to see a list of all the cars and trucks, photos would be REAL COOL!

  4. Craig Denison

    Are we playing a game here? What are the prizes? How long will this go on? ‘Til I get tired of it and exit, is my guess. ByeBye for now, it’s been fun! CD

    1. Brian Lohnes Post author

      Craig…what are you looking for? If you click the above link to the auction you can see a list of all the cars.

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  6. art

    we have been looking forward to this auction for a couple of months, we were lucky enough to view the entire collection, and we will be there to buy, 20 cars in our barn and counting, cant wait to add a few more, see you there bring your checkbook because none of these are going to go cheap !

  7. mike

    Its a shame that people hoard out of greed like this car dealer owner. Corp GREED its all over America in Heathcare, pharm, and Government. This guy could have given these cars to people that needed them. SHAME on his Greedy a$$.

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