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Bad Ass Chevelle Sleeper For Sale: Buy a 10-Second Car That Looks Like a Barge!

Bad Ass Chevelle Sleeper For Sale: Buy a 10-Second Car That Looks Like a Barge!

A couple years back, a  sleepy, twin-turbo 1970 Chevelle started making the rounds on the internet. The car is truly one of the coolest Q-ships we have ever seen. It sports a twin turbo LQ9 engine, a column shifter, grandmother tan interior, and four wheel drum brakes. It also features enough power to run into the 10 second bracket. I does not, however, feature a roll bar. 

Like all good sleepers there is some overt trickery happening here that even your trained eye does not want you to believe. The Chevelle has 15×7 wheels on it, which aren’t anything special, obviously. The tires are tricky though. They have been modified by a company called Diamondback. They added the white stripe to the high performance front tires and to the Mickey Thompson drag radials in the rear. That’s slick!

The engine is of course the story here. It is a 6.0L LQ9 iron block truck motor that wears a pair of Buick Grand National turbochargers. The seller claims that he had larger turbos on the engine before but the GN pieces are nearly free of lag, so that is a good thing. According to the seller it will run into the 10.80s and knock down 20 mpg on the highway when you have a light right foot. That’s pretty damned awesome!




Go $40,000 we can borrow?


Killer Chevelle sleeper

Twin GN turbos! 

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10 thoughts on “Bad Ass Chevelle Sleeper For Sale: Buy a 10-Second Car That Looks Like a Barge!

  1. chryco63

    Very clean piece, but I would actually be more interested in it as a sleeper if it was a 4 door. Great execution on details, though!

  2. 67pete300

    My Chevelle also has 15×7 steel wheels, dog dishes, and retro but modern rubber from Diamondback. It DOES NOT have an LQ9 with twin hair dryers. Cool ride.

  3. Dave

    RIF – Where does it say that a 69 Chevelle IS a barge?
    1. This story is about a 70 Chevelle
    2. “looks like” is used as a simile. It’s a way of saying it looks one way, but in fact it’s another.

    Very cool car.

  4. Bishir

    Looks fantastic as an owner of a GN and a Chevelle I love how he incorporated the GN turbo covers as well. Sweet!

  5. chevy3100truck

    who is the new d-bag that has a bitch about every post? Franklin?? hahaha

    Did you figure out that this is not hot rod magazine’s website yet? (I’m guessing that’s who your complaints about the rat rods were aimed at)

  6. chevy3100truck

    @ Anonymous
    Your lack of automotive knowledge is showing through if you think the 68-69, 70, and 71-72 are all the same… take a look at the front of one and let me know…..

  7. Anonymous











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