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Live Barnstormin’ Travel Blog: Ride With Me On The Way To CA To Meet Up With Chad At The BS Western Bunker Of Mystery

Live Barnstormin’ Travel Blog: Ride With Me On The Way To CA To Meet Up With Chad At The BS Western Bunker Of Mystery

Hey traveling alone is boring, right? Why not come along with your ol’ pa Lohnes as he makes his way clear across the USA from Boston to Ontario, California and then to Bonneville with the Chadster. We’ll cover both legs of the journey but today’s is a solo act until the very end. Think of this as a sort of horrible, slow motion of that film ¬†Rendezvous in Paris except there won’t be any kissing or hugging at the end….just two people throwing beer cans at each other. Or wrenches. Probably wrenches.

I’ll give you the blow by blow excitement of airport food, smelly passengers, and all of the other glory that comes from leaving my hermetically sealed bubble here in Massachusetts. For the record, I am not actually flying on a Saturn V rocket. All of those seats were books, but the middle seats on some junk airliners were not so I settled for those. To set the scene, the Lohnes family will be traveling to the airport en masse before dawn to drop me off on the curb. I am writing this introduction at 9:30pm on Wednesday evening. I would normally lead this off with a photo of my bag being packed and by the door, but since it isn’t I won’t. Instead, here’s a photo of a bowl of salt…


…aaaand I am off. Sorta. The plot twist here was hauling tail to the actual airport and then hitting gridlock about a quarter mile from the terminal. This blurry photo mimics my mental state as I ditched the car (along with Kerri and the kids) in the middle if the road and made a break for it. Don’t worry, I left them the keys.


The breakfast of kings!



Just landed in Dallas. Have three hours here. There is a rumor that they have beer at this place. Will investigate and jam out some content. Reports from the salt look wet. Oh well, no turning back now!

Here a look out at the scene on the way into Dallas –


Here’s what’s keeping me occupied on the plane. A massive book but a great read so far –


Lastly, here’s a photo rumored to be from Bonneville….today. UNGH –


Well, I found the beer but I am trying not to cry in it. Situation looks grim at the salt flats. Been on the phone and stuff working on what is happening. Bottom line is that there’s a few inches of water on the courses and about two feet at the end of the road. GULP!


GREAT SUCCESS! Made it to sunny California and hauled tail to the secret BS bunker of doom! Tomorrow we will kick the live blog off on our road trip to the ummm currently damp Bonneville Salt Flats.

Hmmmm….what’s all this business about?


No foolin’ this was the first song that came on the radio!


Here’s the salt cruiser this year. We’ll do top end testing on the way out.


California –


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3 thoughts on “Live Barnstormin’ Travel Blog: Ride With Me On The Way To CA To Meet Up With Chad At The BS Western Bunker Of Mystery

  1. TheSilverBuick

    Ooh, that lake looks baaaad…. Folks in Elko yesterday afternoon were posting screen shots of the weather radar showing the thunder storm rolling through there, about an hour or so before it hit Wendover.


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