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Update: Disturbing Video. Breaking News: “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Killed In Car Crash

Update: Disturbing Video. Breaking News: “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Killed In Car Crash



UPDATE: Video from just moments after the crash is below, along with an interview with would be rescuers and their accounts of rescue efforts. It is disturbing to hear, so be warned.

In a cruel case of irony, Walker’s newest film “Hours” is a movie about a new father fighting to save his baby’s life in the face of immense tragedy and turmoil. Nobody would have guessed that at 40 years old he would find himself in a battle for his own life.

According to a new article on Autoweek.com, Roger Rodas was the driver of the Porsche that crashed killing both men inside. Rodas is an accomplished road racing driver, business partner with Paul Walker, and friend. He is survived by his wife and two kids. Rodas is also considered to be one of the top financial advisers in the country.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both the Rodas and Walker families and friends.

Breaking News: “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Killed In Car Crash. Paul Walker, star of the “Fast & Furious” movie series died earlier today as the result of a car crash in Santa Clarita, California.

“Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker was the passenger of the Porsche Carrera GT that was involved in the single car wreck. Reports say that Walker was going for a ride with a friend who had just purchased the car. Walker was attending a local charity car show in the area.

Jokes aside about “hundred shots of NOS” and ignoring the flashing “Danger to manifold” warning, this is one serious accident that, without speculating as to the cause, looks to have taken place at high speed on a very public road. If the above reports are true we can only speculate that showing off the new car resulted in a loss of control. Both Walker and the driver were killed. If we can all take anything away from this tragic accident it is that high speed on public roads is a dangerous game. Clearly neither of these men deserved to pay the price with their lives, but it is a stark reminder of the bad things that can happen.

Much as we all love fast cars and using them for what they are meant for here at Bangshift, be safe driving today.

Below is video just moments after the crash. It’s disturbing to watch knowing both men died, so please keep that in mind before watching.

NOTE: Due to an unusual number of douche bags arguing in our comments section for this blog item I have shut down commenting.

Below is video with one of Paul’s friends who was on the scene fighting the fire along with other friends and co-workers. Hearing the details in disturbing, and we want to warn you, this is not the type of news that is easy to hear.



Obit Paul Walker

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224 thoughts on “Update: Disturbing Video. Breaking News: “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Killed In Car Crash

  1. jim smith

    can anyone be surprised that a high velocity vehicle driven by amateurs with a false sense of security and ego come to such a sudden end. will this stop the practice? should have started back with james dean. lets get the cars like this on the strip and not the street and not let this happen. only blessing for this is that no one else was massacred and this MIGHT be a wake up message . i love my mustang but i dont do what this did. speed limits are for reasons. this one.

          1. Daniel

            Does not matter if he was driving or not he let someone else drive and put his life in danger by not saying anything about slowing down while they where traveling probably over 100 MPH

    1. Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up and show some damn consideration instead of trying to appear like your higher society and just critersising

        1. Anonymous

          Hey. He didn’t know how to spell it. Maybe you’re the fucking idiot here. Don’t be so hard on him.

      1. Daniel

        How about you shut the fuck up…. why is it everyday people die overseas fighting for our freedom and our country and when one of them dies it aint all over the news and facebook (almost) no body even blinks an eye…. yet when a celebrity dies the whole freakin’world loses their mind like that celebrity ever did something for them or our country only thing they ever did for us is give us a laugh or two sure its sad Paul Walker died may he Rest In Piece and God bless his family i just wished our world cared as much about our world and the stuff going on in it as much as they cared about Celebrities

    2. Anonymous

      Because you know all the facts, right? Regardless of who these people were, this is a terrible and sad. You’re right about it vein a blessing that nobody else got hurt, but your comment is distasteful and insensitive to any person who loved and cared about these people. And I’m sure you’re a perfect law abiding citizen, right? Shit up and let people who care about these men mourn without having to be exposed to your rudeness.

    3. Remy

      Except, forensics determined that James Dean wasn’t speeding excessively, and Paul Walker was a well known car enthusiast and skilled driver. So, you fail twice. Three times for owning a Mustang.

    4. Anonymous

      To the previous morons that commented on this post, you have a movie star with fast car…does this surprise you…if you aren’t good enough to handle your car at fast speeds, then maybe the smart thing to do is, DONT DO IT!!!
      If you are dumb enough to try something you know you can’t or shouldn’t and die doing it…bummer..YOUR STUPID JUST GOT DISPLAYED OUT THERE FOR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TO SEE AND YOUR DEAD—- BUMMER!!!

      1. Anonymous

        I guess ur fucking dumb ass was born knowing how to drive fast cars people got to experience it to learn it now let the man rest in piece

      2. Anonymous

        I guess it’s a good thing your ass is coming up as anonymous you fucking idiot shut the hell up unless you were in the car and know exactly what happened than shut the hell up

      3. Anonymous

        What a hoot….you guys kill me…really…speed kills…that is why we have speed limits…they aren’t for you…they are for the people you might kill exposing your stupid…jus sayin.

      4. krewzer

        Everyone has missed the lesson to be learned here. That driving fast should be on an approved course.( track ). Where safety and control techniques are mandatory. Nuff said ??????????

      1. Anonymous

        Nice… Another inbred tea-bagger chiming in. Always cool when politics are brought up improperly. Thanks for illustrating how small minded people can be.

        1. Moochelle

          Just another example of hoe Obama’s double standard kills an A list libtard. Now bring doz nutz hear so I can TeaBag you.

    5. Anonymous

      The man driving was a racecar driver who competes in World Challenge… not an amateur as you speculate.

    6. Anonymous

      hey dumbass paul walker went to driving school and if you actually read it says he was the passanger not the driver

    7. Ford

      The driver of the Porsche was the manager/driver for Pauls racing team, so was no amature, but a pro. Get you facts straight befor you run your mouth

        1. Sherry

          Come on people. Two people were killed. Clean your acts up. Enough of the drama. There has been enough of that today.

    8. Hunter McNeer

      Dude you are being very disrespectful. You are making a point but this guy was a PASSENGER and is DEAD! Show some respect.

    9. Miks arceptic

      he was the passenger of the Porsche Carrera GT that was involved in the single car wreck.Omg we will miss you Paul Walker R.I.P

    10. Anonymous

      James Dean died when another driver pulled out in front of him on a two lane road. I drove by this intersection a few years ago. Not like I thought it would be…kinda desolate.
      How do you prevent another stupid driver from pulling out in front of you?

    11. beanz

      Haha you drive a mustang faggot that’s definitely not a “high velocity machine” and not sure about the driver but Paul walker owned and operated his own high performance tuning shop while has been spending his free time on a track racing… Please do us all a favor and keep the mustang in the garage not so speed racer

      1. Luvmynova

        What’s wrong with mustangs? I have a roush that’ll run the 1/4 in 10:65 at 158mph. Granted it’s not stock or my fastest car, but not too shabby.

          1. Anonymous

            My mustang does 8.63@174mph quit crackin on Mustangs I’ll drag race down your street while you’re having dinner and your doors will fall off exposing your mom in the bathroom trying to hide from you because she loves Ford Racing and you’re too big of a loser to spend the extra $ on REAL AMERICAN DETROIT MUSCLE.
            RIP Paul..,.

    12. Anonymous

      You would have done the same…Inside everyone there is a speed demon..No one is a saint..Just like a child wanting to play with a new toy..You want to see how far you can take it…Negative comments will not make thing`s better…

    13. carlie

      Shut up paul walker is an amazing guy just because he was an actor in fast and furious films doesnt mean hes like that in real life.. HOW DARE YOU come on to this page and slate a man that just died!!

    14. Anonymous

      Go fuck yourself, liberal. We know your Prius will only do 105mph, please go find the nearest tree at that speed.

    15. Anonymous

      Your a dick jim smith. you dont know anything about the accident. How do you know who was driving, what they were doing. how about this. You jump to conclusions about things you dont even know. Show some respect

    16. kenny

      This a fucking persons life we’re talking about and all you guys are doing is having a ” who has the bigger dick contest.” Real inconsiderate assholes is all you guys are.

    17. mike

      You MUST consider the drivers ability or lack of it. The Autobahn has No speed limit and has a VERY low accident history.

    18. Eric

      Shut the fuck up , nobody wants to hear that . There is no armature with a stuck fate and false security and ego ! It was simply a wreck that did more damage than in intended on because obviously they’re are both dead . I have a supra but I keep it on the track when I wanna go fast

    19. Anonymous

      Or can be equitment failure, which can happen to any vehicle any time (including your mustang).

    20. Anonymous

      actually pual wasn’t a amature he was profesionaly train…as wll as most of the crew had a little of stunt train

    21. Lee Samuelson

      from what I read Paul was the passenger and the driver was a good friend and a former PROFESSIONSAL race car driver who just bought the car. His name was Roger Rodas.

    22. Anonymous

      U don’t need to be so harsh there captain Holly I’ve owned fast cars since I was old enough to look over the steering wheel n if ure saying u have never broken the speed limit or rules of the road I would have to call u a liar so have some companion be a human u robot

    23. Dave Murphy

      The driver was actually not a amateur. The article says “Rodas is an accomplished road racing driver”….

  2. Ben de la Vega

    It was his car, but he was not the driver. He was attending a charity car show which was to benefit the Phillipine Typhoon survivors and was allowing others to drive his car.

    1. Anonymous

      ok, but it appears the driver was less than up to the challenge..so sorry for this senseless loss…

        1. Dew'me

          he lost….to a tree..unsure how great of a driver he was, but it really should have been on a track.

  3. Scott Liggett

    Santa Clarita has long, multi-laned streets that are not straight or flat, with speed limits of 50 mph. Plenty of room to get up stupid speeds, with the curves and hills, could come up on a surprise very fast.

    He is the one person on that cast that actually had driving talent.

      1. Davey

        That’s debatable…. 5,000,000 in the world in the 1950s; 7,000,000 and counting now…. That’s only an exponential growth every year! Totally not replaceable.

  4. starterguy

    James Dean knew how to drive as well but didn’t change anything, stuff happens fast and before you know it BOOM!

      1. Anonymous

        What does Route 66 have to do with James Dean dying? He died on State Route 46 and a driver pulled out in front of him, as told by eyewitnesses.

    1. Chris Garrett

      This is a clear case of murder, the driver/owner made two crucial mistakes; the first being adding a 100 shots of NOS to a super car; well make it 4 the second being buying a super car and the third and MOST IMPORTANT was ignoring the computer warning system that there was a malfunction and the fourth being pretending to be a street racer because of the ownership of a super car. Look I am not gonna get into any of the -bs from dumb ppl but I will say this; there is little girl out there that is used to seeing her dad that as of 3:34 p.m. PST SHE NO LONGER HAS!!! Now back to biz, no one with a 2/10 of a braincell up n running knows that there are several things wrong here, no one needs that much NOS, 2 NO ONE W/TH IS CAR NEEDS NOS; 3 this car is capable of 0-60 in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 201 mph and my final point is this just because you can afford to buy rides like this one does not mean you should and if you are able to get driving training on a closed driver pro coarse. C

  5. Designer Muscle Cars

    Later, Bro. You shouldn’t have gone out this way. Loved your work. Rest in Peace. Sympathy’s and prayers to the Family. See ya’, Paul. Ya’ done good.

  6. brandon strider


  7. Abi

    How bout you fucktards stop argueing about what happened and actually morn for a person who lost his life. Paul walker & the driver. Just shut the fuck up

    1. Davey for president

      What makes him so special I have to mourn for him? All he did was get payed to have a personality disorder for a couple of hours and we all gawked, amused by his attempt at life. Live your own life and worry about the people who directly effect you. He was an actor who died. No different than the poor third world child that will probably die. So, why do we not mourn for them? Everyday, you should be mourning and it is ignorant people like you that make ignorant people like me hate ignorant people like you even more.

  8. Anonymous


    1. Foxxy

      another political dumb ass. take your shit somewhere else. this is not the place. Show some damned respect.

  9. chry

    So many negative comments! It was a HORRIBLE CRASH! A single car crash that took TWO victims. Leaving TWO families devastated with a loss that they have to grieve now and all you have to talk about is this crap? Don’t be so selfish. Paul Walker was attending a charity event, whether his car or not, it was a single crash that took TWO lives. His own, as the passenger and the driver. This is what the media has reported thus far. Think of THEIR families. Stop bitching and think about the loss of lives here. Looks like driving got out of control and car crashed. We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe it was mechanical failure, who knows, but my gosh. Two people died and so much negativity :(

    1. Davey for president

      Yet thousands die each day and there is no negativity? That makes sense. Two with money and a nice car die, everyone cries. 2,000 with no money who have never seen a car die, and no body bothers to try… and cry. Think of those families, and their babies. This only affects 2- 4 families. The other thousands affects way more than these two…

      1. Michelle

        Wow, really?! The point you may be failing to understand about Paul is that he DID care about people with no money. Before his passing, Paul Walker was attending a charity event for his organization, Reach Out Worldwide. This event was intended to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. So as you can see, he really did care about others, so please stop making ignorant comments.

      2. Harry

        it’s because they’re famous and we’re not, that’s why. makes sense no matter how much it sucks. I mourn over every death I’m aware of. but knowing Paul Walker and watching him act in movies has been a joy. it’s sad when you feel like you know him.

  10. Chef

    Just another example of hoe Obama’s double standard kills an A list libtard. Now bring doz nutz hear so I can TeaBag you.

    1. Foxxy

      Just WTF are you even talking about. You are not a libtard, but you do seem pretty retarded. Take your political shit else where. RIP

      1. Anonymous

        WTF is a chevie? Leave it to a fucking Ford guy to misspell his competition’s name.

        Maybe you should be Found On Road Dead, Ford boy!

  11. Mister X

    It’s truly sad to see so much hate here and other places after reading that two human were killed today in a car crash.

    What prompts such callow behavior, perhaps low self esteem or jealousy because someone can afford things that they can’t, whatever it is, it’s dysfunctional and doesn’t belong here.

    Those that are hating about this should actually drive a high performance street car sometime and find out for yourself just how “edgy” they can be until one has enough time behind the wheel to learn the vehicle dynamics and power delivery curve.

    It’s not as easy as some of you seem to believe, power can come on crazy fast and if you’re not ready/expecting it you will most likely crash, please show some emotional restraint in future cases like this, many people are hurting right now because of this.

  12. Moochelle

    I love porches. Expeshully the GTI. They been a supercar that wuz not made anymore. God Bless James Deans Paul Waklers famblys, becuz now its sad.

  13. melissa

    What a sad moment it is to have lost another great talented actor…. May day Lord take him in with arms wide open for he needed an angel n May he help the family heal in this hard time May God bless them…… R.I.P Paul Walker :-/


    I was there and saw the wreckage before the fire was put out. Please keep your rude comments to yourselves. I witnessed the family members and friends completely devastated by their loss. This was a horrible accident and should not be exploited just because an actor was involved. The scene was horrific and we should all exercise compassion in our comments.

    1. Michelle

      I am so sorry. This must have been so horrific and devastating to witness….just can’t imagine. Praying for everyone that was effected by this horrible accident. =(….such a sad loss. R.I.P. Paul Walker

  15. brevin

    Every anonymous post is someone tryin to be cool stfu and put your name if your gonna act tough be tough besides your probably an obese 15 yr old kid who never gets off there ass and just watches tv all day. Yes this crash is sad but speed limits are put up for a reason (saftey) and if this guy was following them thus crash would of never happened and we all could have enjoyed another fast and furious movie with Paul but not saying it was his fault but who ever was driving was in the wrong and my prayers do go out for both of there familes but Im not saying my driving record is perfect but you kids stop trying to be badasses see what happenes

  16. No One

    Just like Tom Cruise, Paul Walker was a certified stunt driver, they both appreciated doing their own stunt driving. No one really knows the reason of the crash at this time, and besides, Paul Walker was NOT driving. It is sad that he had to pay the price of someone else’s driving, who knows maybe his friend was showing off and Paul Walker tried to get him to stop. We will never know what really happens, escept we lost one hell of an actor.

  17. a rod

    Hey rest in peace just shows charator assination is not called for to humans lost there lives under condotions we dont know so dont pass judgement on what happend until facts r know.

  18. Sherry

    Can’t believe the way some people are commenting. Two people are dead. Doesn’t matter who, where or why. They are not coming home to their families. Enough of the put downs, swearing, and just plain stupid conversations on here. Where are your manners? Let’s show some respect regardless of whether they were right in their actions or not.

  19. a rod

    Hey rest in peace just shows charator assination is not called for to humans lost there lives under condotions we dont know so dont passq w see judgement on what happend until facts r know.

  20. Michelle

    So, so sad tonight to have learned about Paul’s passing. He was such a handsome actor with a huge heart in wanting to help others. I just can’t imagine the loss for his parents. Love and prayers to his friends, and especially his family.

  21. henny geers

    so many stupid comments here,
    a man lost his life while offering his time,wealth and compassion for a charity.
    show some respect, he didn’t volunteer for this to happen

  22. Rob

    Sad and somewhat beggars belief that people are arguing about what sort of car or whether or not he was a professional driver or not.

    Two people have lost their lives in a horrible accident and taken from us way too early.

    These two guys probably had a lot in common with every body that reads/contributes to this site – THEY WERE CAR GUYS .

    So every body should be respectful – if people have nothing good to say, that’s what they should say NOTHING.

    1. Shakti

      Me Dew, Strike and Titus are loving all you guys argument. But hope no cars were harmed in the making of this event

  23. Dew'me

    Honestly he should have driven a Camaro, at least then he wouldn’t be able to go fast enough to kill anybody then…let alone his famous passenger! Come off it chevy boys you know its true…

    RIP Paul you will be missed…

  24. Isa

    people please if you have something to thing is correct but remember he has a family and people that care about hin so let them requiest in peace and shut up all bad coment about your accident that is very sad for the people that he cares

  25. krewzer

    Everyone has missed the lesson to be learned here. That driving fast should be on an approved course.( track ). Where safety and control techniques are mandatory. Nuff said ??????????

  26. Jim

    Can’t believe it! You are gonna condemn the car? An inexperienced driver can, will, and have killed themselves in everything from smart cars on up. I’ve seen 6 cylinder Mustangs cut in half by telephone poles. Problem is too many people think they can drive but they can’t. And in any case showing off behind the wheel on public roads is just begging for trouble. What a waste of lives and a car….

  27. Anonymous

    I think it’s sad but when you think about all the thousands that die on the roads every year it’s a little funny how famous people get more of peoples prayers that usual folks.

  28. Monica

    With all do respect, this is about Paul not anything else. Prayers go to his family and friends. What a sad day it is. :(

  29. Harry

    the difference with everyday folk and stars are that more people know of these famous people than of the everyday folk. it’s not that the famous are more important, just more people know who they are.

  30. Doc

    What’s with all the trolls, anon posts and crap flinging?
    2 car guys, our kind, died in a car crash coming out of charity event, how dumb and soulless do you have to be?
    It’s a very sad story and some of you should be ashamed.

  31. sandra cox

    RIP Paul Walker, your life was ended for short and that is sad. God be with his family at this time of need. He will be missed dearly by many.

  32. Cindy

    Paul, you will be missed by many. Prayers going out to your family at this time of mourning. RIP PAUL.

  33. Anonymous

    It’s very sad to hear the lost of him.Prayers our going out to his family and friends. Fast 5 will never be the same.

  34. Theresa

    So many harsh and negative comments on here that really don’t belong on here. Really people, this is about the death of 2 people, it’s not about spelling or you! I can’t believe all this BS is allowed on here.

    RIP Paul Walker and friend.

  35. Pedro

    Paul will be on the radio today- and the dashboard, and the airbag, and the windshield….
    Ok- who’s first to tell me to STFU? All you guys are morons! Every other word on your post is “fucktard”, or some misspelled crap I can’t even begin to try and comprehend.
    Fuck you, eat a dick, that is all!

  36. Sherri b

    He was not even driving !
    And comments like those disgrace human kindness!
    They are people! Son, Freind, and a father to a 15 yr old !
    He will be missed !
    May he be with god n angles now , n so sorry to his family for ur loss, my whole family n grandson loved ur movies.

  37. ms Hogefeld

    I’m shocked! Many of you have a really bad behavior. It overclouds the accident and the death of two people. Whatever reason for the accident, it’s tragic. And I’m sorry if my spelling is wrong, and before you put me down, try to speak my language first. Let me see how good you do ;) Best regards ms Hogefeld, Nurse & paramedic.

  38. Jordan

    God you people are disrespectful assholes. First off, he wasn’t driving the car. He was a passenger. And love or hate him as an actor, he was a great person. Donating tons of his earnings to charity (the crash actually occurred on his way to a charity event.) He also worked with endangered animals. tagging sharks, etc. Aside from that, he had a family. Who i’m sure wouldn’t like you saying bad things about him, seeing as none of you have ever actually met him. Even if you hated the man, he’s dead. Show some respect.

  39. Chad Blake

    Its funny how people bash on people and not read the facts.. pauls friend wanted to show him the new car he got and they wrecked.. it sucks cause I was looking forward to the newest fast and furious movie.. but also a fiod actor has passed away leaving his family behind along with his family daughter.. so stop bashing, they made a mistake and now they paid for it.. rest in peace

  40. Anonymous

    God you people are disrespectful assholes. First off, he wasn’t driving the car. He was a passenger. And love or hate him as an actor, he was a great person. Donating tons of his earnings to charity (the crash actually occurred on his way to a charity event.) He also worked with endangered animals. tagging sharks, etc. Aside from that, he had a family. Who i’m sure wouldn’t like you saying bad things about him, seeing as none of you have ever actually met him. Even if you hated the man, he’s dead. Show some respect………….had to repost it Jordan >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  41. Scott

    Does it bother anyone else that the person shooting the video was more concerned about finding a better location to get a shot than they were trying to help??

  42. Mindy Dalby

    R.I.P. Paul walker you and vin desle was my favorite actor this really sucks gonna miss u your gone but will never be forgotten

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