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Have You Ever Heard A Song About Bracket Racing? Us Either, But This Rap Tune Is Cool.

Have You Ever Heard A Song About Bracket Racing? Us Either, But This Rap Tune Is Cool.

“Knock the tree down, carry the thing with me. Can’t win if you’re no better than fifty.” is just one of the cool lyrics that you’ll here in the Rap titled Be Double O, Take Double O by PJ North. If you don’t get them, then you aren’t a racer and that’s cool, but if you are then you’ll dig it. Junior dragster racer Shelby Miles made a cool video of all her favorite racing moments using the song and it’s pretty damn cool. I’m trying not to be a hater for all the cool wins she’s got.

Ron Thomas sent us the link to this one, and we have to say that after thinking this was going to just be weird, we totally got into it. The lyrics are what you really need to listen to as they tell a bracket racing story like you’d never expect in a song, let alone a Rap song.

Click play to watch.

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13 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard A Song About Bracket Racing? Us Either, But This Rap Tune Is Cool.

  1. Chassisman

    I actually like this version better….it’s the official video…PJ North is the guy in the opening shot in the car holding up the blinder….
    And it was my son AJ Thomas that showed me this song…he has it on his phone for ring tone and says its gonna be his focus song in 2014….. Be .00 …Take .00 …


  2. Chassisman

    Also at the end of the video link is the 1,000,000.00 win in bracket racing….. you’ll never see a winners circle check like that one !!!!

  3. Speedracer_323x

    Been friends with PJ North since we raced Juniors. He still racing in Stock and other classes. Support his Music Career.

  4. PJ North

    Hey all!

    I really appreciate this! This is amazing! I’ve been racing for over 15 years and making music just as long. I’m so glad you guys like the song! I am going to be releasing a follow up race track for everyone as well with an official video! In the mean time please support my fan page on Facebook search PJ North follow my Instagram ThePJNorth and go buy the EP on iTunes or amazon or Google! Link below! Thanks again!!!


    PS I’m actually not in any of the videos which is sad hahah


    1. PJ North

      I also want to say thanks to my main man Brian Whitworth and BW Promotions for all he has done to help get this song to the people!

    2. Chassisman

      Sorry…I was told that was you in the opening shot…LOL…gotta love the misinformation age…LOL

      Love the song….like I said…my boy races juniors and went 73-22 in eliminations last season….made 385 passes down the strip…traveled 12,277 miles…. he says this is his new song in the lanes… GREAT JOB !!!!!

      1. PJ North

        Thanks so much Chassisman! I’m greatful that I get to do this for all the racing family! If they don’t get it it’s all good my music isn’t for everyone but I’m appreciative that they at least have it try! Tell your son to reach out to me sometime I’d love to give him a shout out some way for the support of my music!


  5. 440 6Pac

    No I’ve never heard a song before about bracket racing. But I have heard songs about real drag racing.
    BTW, did anyone understand a word the guy said? Other than shit?

  6. Grippo

    Didn’t see Slate Cummings in the mirror
    Showed up at the door,
    throw the anchor out and disappear…

    I listen to this song at least once a day, love it!
    Eat. Sleep. Whomp. Repeat.

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