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Hack Job General Lee: So Close We Can Almost Taste It, With Video!

Hack Job General Lee: So Close We Can Almost Taste It, With Video!

The Hack Job General Lee, the well publicized Charger project from Hell, is finally near completion and it may well be the the greatest case of making automotive chicken salad out of chicken you-know-what that we have ever seen. A patient owner and a team of skilled craftsmen have taken a rolling disaster and turned it into a rebel-flagged, screaming orange, push-bar-equipped slice of perfection.

Long story short, the current owner of the car scored it basically sight unseen and towed it home. Outward apperances were that the car wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t all that bad. The new owner brought it to a chassis shop to have a proper rollbar installed. That resulted in the discovery that the entire car was fubar and the roll bar job turned into a complete restoration/repair job that has seen every example of hackery known to man. Hell, one of the headlights was aligned using an old pack of cigarettes!

The car is now in the final stages of paint and body completion. Click here to see the latest round of photos. It is as awesome a turn around as we have ever seen. The great news with this update is the edition of some video that actually allows you to hear the 472ci Hemi angrily idling. Once this car is completed, look for a full feature with video anf photos here on BangShift.com.

Until then, here’s some great videos from car owner Jeff.

This week (warning: this video has annoying music, the others don’t):

A couple of weeks ago:

2-3 weeks ago:


And finally, the first time I had heard it in MONTHS, since Jon at Tube Chassis Designz tore
into it.




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