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Craigslist Find: What Happens When A Geo Metro Mates With A Motorcycle In Wisconsin

Craigslist Find: What Happens When A Geo Metro Mates With A Motorcycle In Wisconsin

BangShifter Kyle Odekirk must have been doing some late Christmas shopping on Craigslist or maybe figuring out how to spend his Christmas cash when he found this wild creation. What you are looking at is  the front half of  Geo Metro economy car mated to the front end of a motorcycle via a custom floor. Adding to the “special” nature of this vehicle is the fact that it has been painted in Green Bay Packers livery and has a custom embroidered spare tire cover which reads, “Packer Power”. Outside of Wisconsin, driving this vehicle with that cover may result in passers by wondering what exactly the driver was into “packing”. (and we’re not talking heat, kids)

The seller is looking for $3,995 (but will take $3,994!) for this trike. He says it will run 65mph down the highway and get great mileage. We don’t doubt either of those things as the factory automatic transmission is still being used and these cars got almost 50mpg when they were..well…cars, not trikes. We can certainly appreciate the creative mind that built this thing over a long Wisconsin winter, but the only way we’d be seen on it is if we were wearing a gorilla suit or dressed in a Chad costume so our true identity would not be revealed. We wonder if it will do wheelies.

Got $4,000 burning a hole in your pocket and low levels of self respect? Go ahead and buy this chariot of weird and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. What those benefits are still remains to be determined. We’re working on that part.

Thanks for the tip Kyle!

Scroll down to see more photos and the CL ad link to the trike!


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7 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: What Happens When A Geo Metro Mates With A Motorcycle In Wisconsin

  1. Greg Rourke

    It’s been said that more brandy is consumed in Wisconsin than the other 49 states combined. When I see things like this I believe it’s true.

  2. Robert M.

    Bonus points for imagination, cojones and a sense of humor.

    I’m not sure about the lack of a seatbelt, not to mention how quickly it could stop from 65mph with that skinny motorcycle tire and a brake designed for something 1/3 the weight…never mind a fast corner.

  3. Greg Rourke

    Look at the photo showing the floor…hit “ctrl +” to enlarge the photo…dig those bubblegum welds! Think the welds we can’t see are any better?
    (ctrl – to restore screen to normal size)

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