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eBay Find: A 1200hp Naturally Aspirated Olds DRCE Engine That Was Supposed To Power A Racing Plane – Bombproof Build!

eBay Find: A 1200hp Naturally Aspirated Olds DRCE Engine That Was Supposed To Power A Racing Plane – Bombproof Build!

Sometimes rule changes can lead to the nixing of even the best laid plans in racing. Take this eBay listing for example. For sale is an Olds DRCE (Drag Race Competition Engine) that screams out 1230hp naturally aspirated. This engine was supposed to be powering an unlimited class plane at the Reno Air Races, but class rules were altered and the plane the seller was building can’t be modified to fit them, so he is switching directions and adding a turbine. BangShift approved. The piston engine is now worthless to the team but could be a very valuable piece to a drag racer, boat racer, mud bogger, or anyone who wants huge power without a blower or nitrous. The other neat thing about this in our eyes is the fact that it can be sketchy to buy someone else’s build of an engine like this because you don’t know exactly what’s inside or how it was assembled, but since this mill was intended for a freaking airplane, we can imagine that every possible step, precaution, and check was used when building this engine.

In the ad, the seller claims that the custom worked heads flow an amazing 583CFM, the engine measures out to 600ci, and $65,000 was spent to construct it. The fuel injection setup on the engine was built by Jim Kinsler himself and it is a mechanical system using several custom pieces for this particular application. We don’t know where peak HP happens, but it must be at an awesome RPM as the cam has almost three-quarters of an inch of lift. All that air flow means big power up top! The mill had to have been dyno tested after being built, but according to the seller it only has less than one hour of run time on it in the plane. The engine has been pulled apart so that a buyer can get a look-see at the innards and remove all doubt that this monster was built the right way with the right parts.

As far as completely bad ass and different naturally aspirated racing engines go, this one is damned cool. Yes, there are guys doing this stuff with big block Chevys and Fords, but how often do you see a DRCE engine used in an airplane application and how often do you see one built to not only make big HP but to also survive the rigors or high speed cornering in the wild blue yonder? Not very often! You’ve got to have a special relationship with your engine builder to have him construct the only thing that’s keeping you from becoming a glorified lawn dart during the races. That’s faith in craftsmanship!



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7 thoughts on “eBay Find: A 1200hp Naturally Aspirated Olds DRCE Engine That Was Supposed To Power A Racing Plane – Bombproof Build!

  1. Gonkulator

    no link to ebay I wanted to find out how much they wanted for this thing this thing would be awesome in a late 60s early 70s cutlass drag car

  2. Tim G

    It’s interesting but,,,there’s something fishy about this one.
    2 different FI set ups,one Mech,one Electronic,2 diff. cooling system set ups,Main Bolts not Studs,no competent engine builder uses extreme amounts of silicone during assy. nor do they Stamp rods and caps.That simply isn’t done in Real Hardcore engine shops.
    Not to take away from the potential there,but it really reeks of a used east coast Super Modified engine that was maybe being re-purposed for a beautiful dream.
    Not just a 1 hour run time engine.

  3. Rattler

    What also doesn’t make sense is why an Olds iron block. The rules may say empty weight but I don’t think you want most of that to be taken up by an iron lump. I would think you would want an aluminum block engine.


    It’s a DRCE Olds engine so it was used to power all sorts of Pro Classes. It’s not an Oldsmobile engine powering a plane.

    I missed out on picking one of these Blocks up as it had a Bore .030 to big and put it over 500CI for Pro Stock. Had a set of Big Chief heads looking for a home but it got sold off on me before I had a chance to pick it up years ago.

  5. bdk

    The aircraft was billed as the Machbuster and has been under construction or in storage for over 20 years I’d guess.

    1. Gearhead60

      If it is really what it says, cool mill. Love the exhaust. I could think of lots of applications…….

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