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Epic Ebay Find!: 1970 Challenger Logghe Chassis Funny Car That We Want Bad!

Epic Ebay Find!: 1970 Challenger Logghe Chassis Funny Car That We Want Bad!

Dudes we need this!!!! How bitchin would this bad boy ’70-’74 Challenger Funny Car look with BangShift down the side! It’s a Logghe Chassis, 120″ wheelbase, Funny Car from the ’70s that appears to be really really original. It’s got a Bergler body on it that, and although the rear quarters have been stretched, should be really easy to get back into perfect shape. We’re really tempted to see if this dude would take our ’72 Nova backhalf car in trade because we need a funny car real bad. Okay, need may be a little strong, but we still need it and want it bad. Plus the guy will deliver it to the California Hot Rod Reunion where we will be anyway with out trailer mostly empty. Ugggggghhhhhh this could be bad.


Check out the original listing on ebay by clicking this link.

Found in west central Michigan 1970-1974 Challenger Funny Car
This car looks like it is pretty well unmolested from the 70’s, 120″ wheelbase. Dana 60 rearend. Solid mount, has unusual solid mount front axle. Dual airheart disc, P&S steering box. Wheel wells were stretched out, looks like it would be an easy fix. Dash has Al Bergler badge. It is a logghe chassis. Also has Sema tag with the number 14 on it. If¬†anybody knows any history on this car, or has any questions please call or e-mail thanks.
We won’t disclose the reserve.

I will be going to the October Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield and can haul out there cheap! Or, if you have something else going in that vicinity, or points in between, call me! Call Bill at 419-394-6484 to discuss delivery before bidding.

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8 thoughts on “Epic Ebay Find!: 1970 Challenger Logghe Chassis Funny Car That We Want Bad!

  1. wingedwarrior

    This guy is a great guy to deal with. I bought a car from him 2 years ago. He delivered it to Texas from Ohio for free! I say buy it!!

  2. BigKahuna

    Gotta buy it. You backhalved the Nova to somewhat do what this car already has. Big meats. You can’t argue with my logic. ;) Buy it!!!

    Building an old school flopper is on my automotive bucket list.

  3. Maxcackle

    You don’t have a hair on your marblesack if you don’t buy it. I was at Garlit’s place today and am still high on history. Allow me some vicarious entertainment.

  4. anotheridiot

    wow. no I doubt the chassis is worth much, really just buying the body. needs more roll cage for sure,dont think that rear end is allowed anymore, think its gotta be nodular iron back there, but to put a blown hemi in it and cackle the thing its awesome.

    1. Grumpy

      OK, somebody wants that Puppy, it’s went up close to $1,900 since yesterday I think? Chad are you the one that’s bidding?

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