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Insane eBay Find: A Freaking Turbine Powered Junior Dragster

Insane eBay Find: A Freaking Turbine Powered Junior Dragster

Sick and tired of your kid’s junior dragster only running high 7s in the eighth with a billet block and head one lung flathead? Want to buy something that very few sanctioned drag strips would ever let you run? Are you interested in testing your 8-16 year old’s driving ability and sheer courage? If you said yes to these questions, boy do we have the thing for you…a turbine powered junior dragster! That’s right! You too could experience the fun and frivolity of jet car racing at your own home. No trailer necessary as this racer easily slips right into the back of your pickup truck. Power comes from a Boeing 507-2 turbine that has been modified into a turbojet engine, the chassis appears to be built to the same standard as many junior dragsters currently on the strips of America and the wheels/tires also appear to be pretty standard issue.

The turnkey machine car be bought for the low, low price of $20,000 and if you pick it up, the seller says that he will even give you an “instructional overview” of how to run the car. If you are having it shipped, the car will come with a DVD to get you up and running. Just make sure your kid pays really good attention. Also, call around to your local tracks before bidding. After the first three of four hang up on you when the sentence, “I have a couple questions about running my new jet powered junior dragster at your facility,” you may end up owning the world’s largest paperweight.

In all honesty, this thing looks bad ass and it would be riotous to see run but the eternal question of, “why” is creeping up on us the more we look at it. Is there a wife in the known universe that would see this car sitting in the shop and say, “Boy, I can’t wait until Johnny does some burner pops!” Hell no. With the right amount of Crisco, I may be able to wedge Chad into this sucker. I am a couple tens of thousands of dollars short on cash, though.

Thanks for the tip Ron!


eBay Find: A Turbine Powered Junior Dragster

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4 thoughts on “Insane eBay Find: A Freaking Turbine Powered Junior Dragster

  1. Davey

    Oh…snap…I so want this !!!
    Do they come in short / wide sizes for over grown olds guys looking for their youth ??

  2. Brad Klaassen

    OMG Brian, I laughed so hard reading this story I think I might have tinkled in my shorts just a wee wee bit. What a heck of a way to start the day! And just the mental picture of greasing up Chad to squeeze him into this thing still has me rolling in the floor laughing my azz off!

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