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eBay Find: A 1977 Chevy Monza in IMSA Garb

eBay Find: A 1977 Chevy Monza in IMSA Garb

The Chevy Monza lived a relatively short life when it comes to automotive models. Produced from 1975 to 1980, the little Monza was positioned as a sporty alternative to the Vega. The car was supposed to have been equipped with an NSU rotary engine in ’75, but since that engine was a worse piece than the all aluminum Vega mill, it was scrapped before seeing the light of day. The car is fairly handsome and with the example we’ve found, equipped with a rare IMSA body kit, downright muscular!

If you are laughing at the idea of a Monza race car, stop. Highly modified Monzas raced in the IMSA GT series, specifically in the AAGT class. Racer Al Holbert had a Monza constructed for himself and went on to bulldoze the Porsches and every other comer in the class during both the 1976 and 1977 seasons. The two championships marked the last two for an American car in the class. It was thoroughly dominated by Porsche after that.

This car does not have Holbert’s power or trick suspension, but it does have virtually the same wild body kit that Holbert’s car had on it while racing. This car is only packing a 305 motor, so that would have to go about 13 seconds after it rolled into our shop, along with some of the interior pieces.

An all aluminum LS motor and suspension from our friends at either Ride Tech or Detroit Speed would be on tap and a WHOLE bunch of rubber for all four corners.

We dig this little monster, how ’bout you?

(IMSA Monza on eBay) 

IMSA Monza

IMSA Monza

IMSA Monza 

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10 thoughts on “eBay Find: A 1977 Chevy Monza in IMSA Garb


    I’m totally digging the car, I’d probably modify the front spoiler a bit (then again it could look better in paint, don’t know for sure) but overall that is total baddness!!

    I’d definately rip the 305 out but what would go in in it’s stead would be a bit more unusual (who would have guessed that). Of course a Buick V6 would be nice but I could also see a Buick/Rover aluminum V8. Getting more off the deep end of weird, what about a Mazda Cosmo 3 rotor Wankel or a Ford/Yamaha 3.2L SHO V6? I think we can all agree though that 3 pedals are a given!

  2. Remy-Z

    In the spirit of lightness, I’d be looking for a way to north-south a 3.8 S/C motor from a Buick Regal. Hook that to a manual, play with the boost a little and watch it feed. And that body needs to be in black like NOW.

  3. Darren N.

    Man, that thing is clean and the ‘glass looks like it’s in good shape. A trick aluminum LS would be nice but to be honest, a pissed off SBC coupled to a 6 speed would be just fine.

    I’d do it. :D

  4. rebeldryver

    One of the baddest street racers that prowled the boulevards of Omaha was a ’75 turd brown notchback with a very nasty 406. One of the first guys to build the snot out of both the car and the 400.

  5. nxpress62

    front is 4 lug (as it would have been) but rear is 5 lug and looks factory? Suppose its an ’80s camaro rear?

  6. abadwillys

    i have a soft spot for that look, IMSA styling was big at that time as Pro Street hadnt really even started yet, I had a Vega in 1978 that had IMSA flared front fenders and rear 1/4’s with wing and same air dam on the front, guess what thaT body kit was made by Hooker Headers!! go figure! anyways being the drag racer i am i mixed styles and ran a snorkel hood scoop and other gaudy treatments. i have a pic, i dont know how to post here

  7. Beagle

    does anyone remember changing plugs on these things? I bet there’s at least one factory plug still in it.

    I kinda dig it. I’d roll it.. but he’d half to take one of those zeros off before I’d bid.

  8. Anonymous

    Black, or white…..minilites…..and yep, an LS-series v8 with a 6-speed.

    Slather the interior in the hides or riiiich Coreeeeentheean….uh yeah, sheetmetal. Spintech side-exit exhaust….lots of ideas here. Has anyone ever built one of these for the open-road races, ala’ Silver State Challenge?

    The 5-lug rear….I’m thinking S-10? They seem to be a great donor source for low-buck 4-to-5-lug conversions.

  9. nxpress62

    I thought s10 too, but they aren’t coil spring and torque arm.. I suppose they probably just redrilled the axles.

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