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Drag Gallery: The Matagorda County Mud Drags – Texas

Drag Gallery: The Matagorda County Mud Drags – Texas

Our ever intrepid Texas photo contributor Charles Wickam hit the Matagorda County Mud Drags over Memorial Day weekend, and they hit back. Charles caught a big ol hunk of Texas gumbo upside his noggin while shooting these photos! He said that the event was bitchin’ and there was some really heavy iron on the grounds of the facility. 

We really dig the bare bones construction of these trucks and rails. They are all backing big horsepower, one with a blown Hemi and at least one other with a big honking Rodeck motor on its back, as well. Designed to run down a course that is only a couple hundred feet long, it takes light weight, huge power, and steep gears to sling the slop and get from A to B before the dude in the other lane!

Hit the link below for a full gallery of awesome machinery and even cooler race action!

Event Gallery: The May 2011 Matagorda County Mud Drags 

Mud Drags Jeep 

The Mud Rail that Attacked Charles 

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2 thoughts on “Drag Gallery: The Matagorda County Mud Drags – Texas

  1. Anonymous

    What a great looking event. Great shots as usual Charles. Thanks for taking a shot to the head for us, you suffer for your art.

  2. Anonymous

    I also have a theory about events like this. If all the countrys that hate us and want to kill us would send a few representatives over to watch stuff like this, they’d realize what a bunch of fun loving people we are.
    I once spoke with a Saudi exchange student attending his first car show and swap meet, he said this was not at all what they are told Americans are like. He loved it.

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