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Field Of Dreams…And Beaters: Ratty Muscle Cars’ “No Shine Sh*t List” Morning Cruise-In Gallery!

Field Of Dreams…And Beaters: Ratty Muscle Cars’ “No Shine Sh*t List” Morning Cruise-In Gallery!

The weather called for snow or rain, depending on what mood Mother Nature showed up with. The temperature was cold enough to support either on this early March morning, yet in the parking lot of Wilson-Morgan Park in Decatur, Alabama, one by one, cars were starting to pour in. Not for the baseball practice that kids were performing…no, these cars had something else going on instead. One by one, they drove in…a first-gen Mustang on big and bigger Cragars…a snotty Plymouth that would induce a Mopar fan’s fever dreams…a bagged Chevy dually down on the ground…a V8-swapped Miata. One by one, they pulled into the parking lot on a cold and gray March morning, and no amount of wind chill could dampen their enthusiasm for what lie ahead in the day.

Austin Griggs is the ringleader of Ratty Muscle Cars, and to be fair, he might as well be the Pied Piper of gearheads. Here’s our reasoning: prior to actually showing up in Decatur, Griggs told us that he expected maybe forty or so cars to show up using last year’s show and race, but that there was hope that more would appear. More appeared. Lots more…rough figures indicate that he pretty much doubled attendance, and that’s being conservative. Part of the draw is the car show, and the other part is a sixty-something mile cruise that ends with flag-drop drag racing at  Jake’s Dragstrip in nearby Danville, Alabama.

Mar 17 Ratty Muscle_105

With the threat of winter weather issues very real around BangShift Mid-West, we unfortunately had to skip out on the drag racing to make sure that the Angry Grandpa 300C didn’t become a snow-covered ditch dart, but we did stick around to see the fine iron that came to play. From an absolutely ragged Dodge Aspen sedan that was covered in “money winner” stickers and carried one hell of a lumpy stick in it’s 360 to Griggs’ own rough-as-hell 1970 AAR ‘Cuda, every last car showed up under it’s own power and rolled out under it’s own power. Except maybe for that Miata…that thing just seemed too sketchy. We will be back for the next show later on this year, and hopefully we will have the Great Pumpkin Mustang in the parking lot, ready to roll!

Click on a photo below to check out the cars of the No Shine Shit List!

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4 thoughts on “Field Of Dreams…And Beaters: Ratty Muscle Cars’ “No Shine Sh*t List” Morning Cruise-In Gallery!

  1. Brent

    With the exception of a few post ’86 cars and the rat rods, looks like an album from my high school parking lot.

  2. richard fitzwell

    that green nova with the rusty trunk…good lord i would hate to see what else is lurking under that paint..


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