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Found: 1977 Ford Denimachine Van For Sale in Canada

Found: 1977 Ford Denimachine Van For Sale in Canada

In the late 1970s Coca-Cola wanted to cash in on one of the biggest crazes in the country at the time, vanning. Long scorned by hot rodders who saw vans creep into the pages of their favorite high performance magazines, the scene is being looked upon differently now, and there is definitely a growing movement of classi custom vans gaining steam again. 

According to the numbers we have found, 109 of these vans were built. Most were given away to large beverage distributors, but 10 were given away in the US to contest winners and 15 were given to contest winners in Canada. They were equipped with side pipe exhaust, wagon wheel style steel wheels, and were all zooted up inside with a denim interior courtesy of Levi’s. There’s some neat old coke stuff in the business end of the van as well.

Hot Rod magazine covered the vans in multi-issue series when they were being built in 1976/1977. We are not sure if the engines were modified at all as it seems the big hook was the interior that would make even the most frigid of van chicks melt at the mere sight of all that denim. There appears to be an abundance of cabinets as well. Cool and practical!

Hit the link below to see the ad. Also, if you are drinking something, swallow. You’ll do a spit take when you see the asking price.

Thanks for the tip StarterGuy! 

Canadian Denimachine for sale! 

1977 Ford Denim Machine

This interior screams,


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3 thoughts on “Found: 1977 Ford Denimachine Van For Sale in Canada

  1. Scott

    Look closely… the name is DINIMACHINE – everyone knows when you create a special name by combining two others and leaving out a letter… well… that is just way more fruitilicious!

  2. Orv

    gonna sound like an old guy here, but ,,, I remember one of those stopped by our high school one lunch hour. ( in MB) Btw, does it come with the girls? … although that was a crazy looong time ago !
    re; the price, I wouldn’t have given $20k when that thing was new, let alone how many Canadian winters later ?

  3. Ermott

    When I was a kid living on Vancouver Island, *I Swear* there was one of these in Campbell River, being used as a contractor’s van. Interior gutted, a bit rusty, but the paint job was all there.

    I think it was a drywaller’s van in fact.

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