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Hot Rod Drag Week 6-Second Smack Talk is Here!

Hot Rod Drag Week 6-Second Smack Talk is Here!

Finally! After talking about a 7-second average at Drag Week, Denny Terzich and ProRides did it first in 2007. Now that same team–which used to be known for nothing but show cars until they did Drag Week ’07–has had the stones to issue a press release regarding a 6-second effort for Drag Week 2010. And ya know what? They can probably do it.

Chad and I have talked about a 6-second scheme for two years. The ProRides plan seems a little more difficult but perhaps more street-looking. It’s a ’69 Camaro that’s beng built at SunCoast Race cars. Companies involved so far are Gear Vendors and Billet Specialties (there were companies copied on the email who lead us to some other conclusions, too, but we won’t spill those yet). Engine specs have not yet been released; ProRides had a relationship with Procharger, but we have to wonder if this one will be turbocharged.

I’d hoped that Drag Week would get to this level when we launched it in 2005, and also dreamed that it would become an aftermarket proving ground. It looks like ProRides is pushing that agenda.

See more about Drag Week at HotRod.com or in Hot Rod magazine. Meanwhile, check out these photos, then keep going to see the Prorides email announcement in full.

ProRides 6-second Drag Week car?

ProRides 6-second Drag Week car?

ProRides 6-second Drag Week car?

ProRides 6-second Drag Week car?

Here’s the text of the ProRides announcement:

Press Release:

   After accomplishing a major record in Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, ProRides is about to embark on a new level of performance never seen before. We went to Drag Week to beat the old record of mid to low 8 second et’s that were set in previous years. Our first pass was heard around the hot rod and race world with a 7.64 ET. The bets were placed that we would not finish out the week. We ended up not only driving the 1,000 miles pulling a trailer but ran 7 second ET’s at every track. We were as surprised as anyone however when you circle great companies with a thorough process, success was achieved.

   So many have asked ….what is next? After talking to Rob Kinnan of Hot Rod Magazine at this years Drag Week, we had an idea of building a 6 second ET capable car to drive the grueling 1,000 mile Drag Week course. Imagine…. a 6 second ET vehicle driving 200-300 miles per day while pulling a trailer!!! There is no better marketing campaign than this for your parts!

   Now many have claimed they have a street car that is very fast and even some that state in the 6 second et range, however anyone can drive around at a local car cruise or show. Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week is an open forum and anyone can register for the event. This is the reason why the “Fastest Street Car in America” can only be crowned at this event.

Here are the specs of what we are doing and a time-line:

    * SunCoast Racecars is building the chassis today to be on display at PRI 08. We will have the rolling chassis on display 8 feet in the air for people to observe.
    * SEMA 09 – Complete car on display with GearVendors which is in Hot Rod Alley accross from Hot Rod Magazine and Source Link.
    * PRI 09 – On display with GearVendors
    * ISCA indoor car shows during the 09 / 2010 fall and winter events.
    * Goodguys and Super Chevy shows to compete both show and race. (This car will be dual purpose both show and race with two sets of Billet Specialties Wheels)
    * 2010 Drag Week – Rewrite history!
    * Debut the BuildBook – 100 page of the entire build up of the car and companies involved

Coverage of the build will be inside of Hot Rod Magazine’s “Project Garage” section and on their website.  We are also working with Scott Killeen of the BuildBook (www.buildbookusa.com) to document the entire build.

Many companies are already on board this exciting project and most of them are the same companies that were part of the 1967 Camaro that won Drag Week 07. We created the best marketing opportunity with the performance and also durability of their parts. We now have an opportunity to create something even larger than the last time and we can do it together. I appreciate everyone’s commitment to this unheard of goal. Together, we can shatter all records and re-write history. A rendering should be out soon and check out the rolling chassis at PRI this year. The booth is SunCoast Racecars – Booth # 363 South Hall. See attached photos.

Denny Terzich
ProRides llc



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