Let’s Drive The RPM Act Home – Click Here And Take 30-Seconds To Save our Race Cars

Let’s Drive The RPM Act Home – Click Here And Take 30-Seconds To Save our Race Cars

Last year, the RPM Act was introduced to congress and that was a huge step forward, validating the hard work that SEMA had done to that point. As we all know, the old congress was shuffled out after the elections and the new congress is in session which means that RPM Act was reintroduced to be considered by the legislative body. This is again, great news. What needs to happen now is one final landslide of support and messages from us, the hot rodding and racing communities to drive this baby home. The last time we did this, enthusiasts and racers managed to get 200,000 letters sent to congressmen and women all over the country. Let’s beat it now and secure the future of racing and hot rodding for generations of people to come.

This literally takes 30-seconds. SEMA has done the hard work. You need to add a couple lines of basic information and press send. That’s it. That’s what you need to do to help save our race cars and we really need you to do it.

A victory for the RPM Act will be a victory for everyone in the country who loves cars and racing on any and all levels!


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11 thoughts on “Let’s Drive The RPM Act Home – Click Here And Take 30-Seconds To Save our Race Cars

  1. 3rd Generation

    Only if NASCAR is outlawed and anyone uttering ‘Boogity, boogity boogity gets an automatic Death Penalty with No Appeals.

  2. ronald trumpp

    “Last year, the RPM Act was introduced to congress” ,,,,by worthless obama and the snowflakes.

    Now that he is a bad memory, don’t worry as the new admin is all about BUY AMERICAN and building AMERICAN CARS, and supporting AMERICAN businesses. ( including speedways and the aftermarket industry)

    The best thing for racers to do is to support more gov’t de-regulation and vote out the last few anti american snowflakes.

    The remaining snowflakes are already fundraising and finding more clowns to run for office. That can only mean bad things for US.

    Vote often and vote early to preserve your rights.

  3. douglas e. pierce

    racing is one of the most important things in my life. building , driving and going to see my friends at the track is my life.

  4. Mike Costa

    This RPM act is pretty utterly mind blowing. The time is now to cap this act and allow the unity of the Automotive Enthusiasts to fight for the right to the hobby and businesses of restoration to be stopped from the labor they all love. Time to fight and win this matter!!!!!

    Mike Costa
    New England Dragway 1978 Street ET Eliminator Champion


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