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LIVE BLOG: A Day In The BangShift Life – Follow Along As Lohnes and Chad Travel To Different Places Together

LIVE BLOG: A Day In The BangShift Life – Follow Along As Lohnes and Chad Travel To Different Places Together

So here’s the deal. As you are reading this, both Chad and I are heading to different parts of the USA so we figured that we’d give you a day in the life, as live as we possibly can, of our adventures which are happening at the same time but in completely different areas. See, Chad is heading to the USCA event on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway where some of the nation’s coolest pro touring cars will be running harder and faster than ever before on that fabled track and I am heading to Topeka, Kansas for the NHRA national event where I’ll be on the announcing staff. Chad will be hosting the USCA television show which is set to air later this summer and into the fall on MAVTV. He’s starting at the airport in Ontario, California to get to Orlando and I am starting at the airport in trusty Boston, Massachusetts to get to Topeka. We’re fairly certain that no other weirdo car bloggers like us maintain the schedules and content that we do here at BangShift and this blog will give you an idea about how we do (or don’t!) do that.

So from here on out, Chad and I will be adding updates from the road and through our day. If we do it right, it should be funny and at least somewhat informative. If we do it wrong, you’ll tell us. If you dig it, we’ll make this a regular part of the site because we’re both somewhere other than home virtually every week. We’ll be updating this blog from our phones on the road and to make things even more interesting, we may even try to field suggestions from you as to where we should eat or drink on the way or maybe we could even answer some of your questions as we travel. Do what you do in the comment section and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

…..Annnnnnd away we go! Here’s a day in the BangShift life by Brian and Chad

BRIAN: To get things rolling, here’s my evening ritual of placing my bag right next to the door at the house so I don’t drive off without it. I am that dumb!


BRIAN: So I typically take a shuttle bus into the airport depending on when I am flying. Getting to and from Logan royally sucks so letting someone else steer while I work is a better program. It is about 5:25 EST as I am typing this.


BRIAN: Bam! Made it through security and am now cranking on content for today and tomorrow while enjoying the breakfast of champions!


BRIAN: Swapped seats with a guy so he could sit next to his wife and their baby. Jammed up in the middle of a row now but this is a pretty quick squirt to Chicago anyway. Plus there is now a virtually zero percent chance I will be vomited on.



CHAD: Don’t jinx yourself Lohnes. In an unprecedented stroke of luck, I don’t fly until later this morning. It’s 7:14 here in Cali and I don’t fly until 10:20. Woot woot. Of course I also don’t get to Daytona until 10:30 or 11 tonight. Sucks. Heading east blows because of the time change.

BRIAN: Made it to Chicago with zero baby puke on me. That is a win fo-sho. Quickly leapt off the plane and am now working on a breaking story that we have an exclusive line on. Stay tuned! The fun part of this line of work is that my office is wherever my computer is. “Working” in multiple states today!


BRIAN: Should have mentioned that my layover here in Chicago has been stretched out due to maintenance on the puddle jumper we take into Topeka. I have several hours here. What’s the best place to grab a beer or food at O’Hare?

BRIAN: No matter the subject, it is always a rush to have something “first” especially in the age of the internet. We just ran the first photos of the new 5th generation Camaro funny car body that is being debuted by the Follow A Dream alcohol funny car team in Maple Grove this weekend. They are Massachusetts based, so they gave me the shot to run the photos first, which is way cool and very much appreciated. The people around me here at the airport are wondering who this typing maniac is next to them.

Here’s a link to the story: http://bangshift.com/bangshift1320/breaking-news-follow-dream-racing-team-debuts-first-5th-generation-camaro-funny-car-body/

follow a dream camaro funny car014

CHAD: So I’m writing this while standing in line to get on my plane. My flight leaves in 20 minutes, and I only left my house 30 minutes ago. Yeah, Ontario airport rules. And living only 15 minutes away is even better. Here is my luggage by the door. I packed, drove to the airport and am actually walking down the jetway in less time than it took Brian to get to the airport. Sucks to be him.


CHAD: Aaaahhhh. Southwest hooks us up with the good seats. Clearly my stubby legs and toes need to stretch out. Las Vegas here we come! A couple hours of layover and then it’s back in the air for a flight that is probably so long I don’t want to know.


Oh and for those of you that heard, last week I was on a plane who’s engine blew up and caught fire. I’m going to write up that adventure on the way to Florida. Stay tuned. Daphne kissed me goodbye earlier and then told me, rather seriously I might add, “no texts that you are on fire or anything blew up!” Yes dear.


BRIAN: A classic example of failure to planning means planning to fail here. Waited too long to get food and every place was packed. The end result? McNuggets and a coke.


This dinosaur is pretty impressive and it is probably about half as old as the Southwest plane Chad is on right now.


CHAD: Vegas baby, Vegas! Got here about half an hour ago. Been walking around in circles trying to find someplace worth eating that doesn’t cost $47.50. I hate airports. Oh and Brian’s lack of planning is no surprise. Those two things don’t go together. Lol


BRIAN: While Chad searches for an elusive 3/4lb hot wiener to eat on the cheap in Las Vegas, I’m on the move, baby! This wee little plane will carry me straight to Topeka and then the fun begins when I get to start pounding the daylights out of driving the rental car.


CHAD: Pei Wei baby! Lettuce wraps and a couple egg rolls and I’m good to go. While Brian is beating on a rental car I will be getting the movie star treatment as some poor network slacker drives me to Daytona from Orlando.


CHAD: When these are the images you most associate with each weekend, it means you spend way too much time trying to get from here to there. Good thing there are bitchin hot rods and race cars in the middle to make it all better. Think of the travel as the chocolate cookie portion of an Oreo cookie, and all the races and stuff is the yummy cream filling.




CHAD: Look familiar? Back on another one. Departure in about 5 minutes means I should be on the ground in Orlando in about 4.5 hours. Thank god for Kindles and laptops. Meanwhile Lohnes just got to Topeka and is freaking out about how small the airport is. Chad out.


BRIAN: Freaking out is a little strong there boss! More like rejoicing at the coolness if the place. This is the entirety of the airport. It is boss.


The rental car is a nasty little Hyundai that has LOTS of weird stains inside it. Lord knows what happened in this thing. Will update with photos when I get the courage to jump back in it. Chad has like elevendy hours left and I am getting to work on tomorrow’s content here in Kansas.

CHAD: My eleventy hours is up!!!! Just touched down in Orlando. This is what it looks like so far.


Chad: It’s TV time folks! Smitty is on the block getting interviewed. I’m up next for host duties. We are doing interviews in the 500 Club Bar. All the coolers are locked except the ones with the kegs in them. We could be drinking beer in 5 minutes but the TV guys said no. Buzz kills.


Chad: This is the life! On the USCA Road Rally with Bret Voelkel and the Ridetech crew making good TV. Daytona may never be the same.



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19 thoughts on “LIVE BLOG: A Day In The BangShift Life – Follow Along As Lohnes and Chad Travel To Different Places Together

  1. authorized user

    One, two
    One, two, three, four

    On the road again
    Just can’t wait to get on the road again
    The life I love is making music with my friends
    And I can’t wait to get on the road again

    ( Willie Nelson )

  2. ksj2

    Hey Brian.I could have hooked you up with a Limo ride from KC to here.Need his number for Sunday let me know.Dont forget SASNAK while you are here.

  3. Chad Reynolds

    Do not feed the animals! Brian in a limo would result in clothing loss and screaming. Nobody wants to see a pasty white fat guy hanging out of a limo sunroof with no shirt on squealing like the Geico pig.

  4. 38P

    One thing we’ve learned today . . .

    The intrepid Bruab and Chadmouth aren’t spending those GM Performance Parts “promotional fee” payola checks they must surely be getting from Mary Barra’s bunch (considering how much free lovin’ they spread around here for the stupefying “LESS” . . . ) on mani-pedis . . . . Just sayin’

    BTW, all those airport tourist photos and none of smokin’ hot airline stewardesses . . . er . . . “flight attendants.” What’s up with that?

  5. RTC

    HEY HEY HEY on the Scion, I was a only a passenger.

    CHAD I have that same light sitting on my desk. (the miners/railroad light)

  6. Scott Liggett

    Brian, I see your breakfast consisted of the four major food groups: sugar, caffeine, collesterol, and preservatives. Very healthy.

    Chad, I spent 19 years looking at those stupid airport screens multiple times a day. Only the ones I needed to use to meet clients were the last ones the airlines fixed or replaced. Flightaware.com became a god send.

  7. Scott Liggett

    Chad, you should know that wives are like the NSA. They do not like texts with the words airplane, fire, explode, crash, etc.

  8. VRMN8R

    getting there can be a ….. real bitch at times ……. Still no ” Brat & baby section ” on them things yet …. ??


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