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Maine State Cops Pull Over Dukes Of Hazzard Replica Cop Car – JD Hogg Not Amused

Maine State Cops Pull Over Dukes Of Hazzard Replica Cop Car – JD Hogg Not Amused


Apparently the state police in Maine don’t have much knowledge of television history or much of a sense of humor. A 49-year old Dukes of Hazzard enthusiast was stopped by Maine troopers recently because of the light bar and markings on the car violate traffic laws that do not allow such equipment on anything outside of actual police vehicles. The trooper who stopped the man, Michael Johnston said that it was the first time he had ever seen such a car on public streets. Apparently, he was protecting the public from being snookered by the driver of the 1978 Dodge Monaco in case he was going to try any funny business impersonating a police officer from the late 1970s.

The driver of the car said that he cruises it pretty regularly and to date exactly zero people had assumed there was anything underhanded happening while he was on the road with the nearly 40 year old Dodge. We have to say that the Monaco is about as dead nuts perfect as it gets to Roscoe P Coltrane’s machine that was often driven into swamps, trees, and other makeshift obstacles while attempting to thwart the good deeds of the Dukes boys.

The best quote of the story comes from the driver (who asked not to be named) when he said, “I even had Flash, [Rosco’s lazy basset hound] in the back seat.” Not a real dog mind you, but a stuffed animal. The humorless trooper stopped the car citing laws that prohibit cars from having working lights, sirens, or police badging, even if said badges clearly say “HAZZARD COUNTY” on them. A quick check of Maine’s county listing verified a lack of a Hazzard County or any restaurants operating under the moniker, “The Boar’s Nest”.

The trooper let the driver off with a warning, although the major blow came later when the Duke boys made it successfully to city hall and submitted the payment to save Uncle Jesse’s farm, once again thwarting efforts by JD Hogg to take the land away from the family. Word has it that the boys used a little known short cut through Snake Creek to make the run with mere minutes to spare.

The driver of the cop car also has a pretty accurate General Lee replica. No word on whether police have stopped him in that before, during, or after making sweet jumps, shooting flaming arrows out the windows, or winning impromptu stock car races through the woods of Maine.

This makes us extremely nervous to cruise our RoboCop Taurus police car replica through the state of Maine now. There’s no telling what types of hassle could come of that. Also, we have shelved plans for a Portland, Maine “Car 54 Where Are You” reunion. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We will continue with our “Hunter” cruise though because we can remove the gumball machine light from the roof of that Dodge Magnum, though the steel wheels and dog dish caps may raise the ire of lawn enforcement officials and since KITT is part of a shadowy crime fighting organization operating outside the realm of traditional law enforcement, we’re probably in the clear. Hear that Chad? Don the Members Only jacket and come on out to New England!


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21 thoughts on “Maine State Cops Pull Over Dukes Of Hazzard Replica Cop Car – JD Hogg Not Amused

  1. anonymous

    And cops wonder why they have a bad reputation? It’s from harassing law abiding citizens over petty, victim-less infractions such as this. Clearly any person with enough IQ points to breath without mechanical aid would recognize that the car is not legitimate law enforcement, and the driver is not attempting to impersonate an officer. Besides, even my 4 year old nephew could tell you that car is from the Dukes of Hazzard! This is obviously a case of a board, fat little piggy, drunk on “authority”, getting off by wasting someone’s time. Next he will bust the guy while driving the General Lee because the color is too bright and the “illegally modified exhaust” is hurting the poor children’s ears…

    1. dan dan

      well tell me wher eyou live I will make a deal with you I will pull you over with a replica after darkl I would ike to see you say wich one is the real one to start with

      second I don’t ive in the states I am from Canada I goto visit I don’t know youre real or not cop cars same as you if you ever would comme here for cvacatioon we both have the sam elaw as I could see wich is youre not legaly aloud to put red or blue on any cars cause its reseved colours for real emergencies if all have them cause any reason cause they got replica you will get pulled over by night bye a csr jscking I would like to see you make the dierence when its dark and in a back aley in the country anywhere theyres not too mmany cars passing by and don’t forget easy to say when youre not in the situation but think and if you can be honest when you see the lights behind you youre not analising is it a real one or not the only main thing is going trough youre head is wtf does he wan the wants to give me ticket to pa his dougnuts etce tc etc same as what I saw for other answer in this section theydont go for the goos one s they attack the people that don’t do crime like this ??? its ILLEGAL so where does the definition off importance defined it as crime or not start or stops ??? plain simple a crime is a grime

      so its illegal or its not sure youre right igf I wa sa cop and I am watching ofr a rapist along theyre as apriority cause we been warned of one in sector sure up to a point I will ot watch pitty stuf but f I would be the on e watching for a rapist or whatever something that elevated in the crime I would actually take you out 10 times faster with youre replica off cop car you can be pretty sure

      so wher eis it that you can say this crime not worth it speacily with a crime like this inpersonating a police officer even if if its ofr joke its the law and when yo start aplying your own description to the law on what to and not so tell me how mis s annonymous about the victimless crime what will you chose next time

      if you get pulled over in a spot without lights and when your enot sure if its a real cop car or not what will you do then and lets see if you find it so low level criem and then maybe youre own iq might get a beter rathing then learn how to think before bitching at one wh o is doing his JOB you seem to be one that like s to complain he is doing too well his job at the moment according to you and hnot doing well here and theyre and so on so then why don’t you go and make the laws and make sure wil youre at it that they pass all youre laws and make sure they respect only the laws you like and justify it a sa dangerous crime or not

      to my eyes this is a dangerous crime even I as simple human beaing as I am I am not know it all like certan anonymous person I know the red and blue ligh t law so maybe you should AGAIN take time next time to maybe thing before writing and maybe when it does happen to you next time you will see things differently so he ias applying the law equally to all that good he is doing his job period !!!!!!!!! ps to all sorry poor grammar English isent my mother tongue and I am still practicing I know I could use a corrector that maens I wouldsnt learne that way he would do all the work in my place and I don’t call that learning lol

      1. Dan dan is a retard

        Why cant you spell dude? “A crime is a crime”, whats next, breathing is illegal… Well its a crime guys gotta obey the law!

  2. Chris

    Red and/or blue lights are illegal. Plain and simple. Trooper didn’t issue a ticket. Just checked the kid out and sent him on his way.
    What’s the big deal?

  3. Al

    Evidentially you don’t have he IQ to understand that it’s against the law in that state, and that its in the books for a reason. You’re the typical ass munch who thinks that anytime a cop does their job it’s because they’re fat, bored and power hungry. The guy driving the fake cop car didn’t get a ticket. He was informed of the law and sent on his way. Ooh. Aah. Such a power hungry cop.

  4. wayne

    in ill if you are not law enforcement you are not allowed red and blue lights to be exposed. we have a pro street dodge magnum in the neighborhood he has to have a cover over the lights to drive it. and persons moving police vehicles are also supposed to cover the lights as a friend is village maint. and he has to cover them when he has a cop car. and a little info might save the owner of the hazzard car might save him issues later.

  5. Pat ~ The Muscle Car Guy

    I can see why he was pulled over, since there is a law against police markings etc on a non-police car. Sure the car is obviously not a current police car, but that is probably why he got a warning.

    It depends on how the officer conducted himself on this if I would be ok with it or not. If he just told the guy, sorry, you have to cover up the lights and police emblems on the doors, then he did just what he was supposed to. Not a problem. If he was arrogant about it, then there is a problem.

    Plus I have to wonder, was the cop to young to have watched the show in the first place?

  6. Don Richardson

    So, it is illegal to drive an obviously old school police car, but people can run stop signs by the thousands, and risk death, and not be stopped?

    1. Cody

      Well obviously. I mean, shit. If we could do what we wanted, that would just be too much fun for us right? I get why though the light bars are illegal to be on your car. People can mistake you for a cop and blah blah blah. But the fucked up thing is, just look at the plates…. If you’re really that much of an idiot to believe a person driving around a cop car replica with regular plates on it, you don’t belong driving.

  7. 1502flash

    Since you guy’s are all worked up already, I just
    heard some guy’s over on Yellow Bullet bragging
    about thier blatant Jay Walking infractions !
    Keep in mind, responsible grave yard shift
    Security Gaurds are in bed Right now , I’m
    just sayin. Keep up the good work and have
    a nice day.

  8. joebogey

    It all depends on the state. In NY I believe it’s illegal to have the light bars on a vehicle that was not originally built as a police car. And even then when on public roads the side badging & lights must be covered. Anyone in the North East I’m sure has seen the Hot Rod PD ’57 Chevy police cruiser. He has a black vinyl cover to go over the roof cherry before he takes it on the road.

  9. Norse

    In California we have similar laws. But it comes down to this; if you have a replica police car you can only drive it in closed courses, parades, or if you are a sworn officer. Beyond that, if you have it, display it or trailer it. That is all.
    As to the “power hungry” or whatever cops; they were doing their job; upholding the law. That is what they are hired for. Not being selective in what laws they uphold. They are not judge and jury contrary to what some people may think.

  10. Joe Smuckatelli

    In some states the light bar must be covered with a snap on vinyl sign (like on SUV spare tires) that states “OUT OF SERVICE” on both front and rear.

    P.S. I’m sure 1970’s tickets are cheaper!

  11. Rick Rothermel

    Goes both ways.

    When I worked with movie cars in LA we always carried light covers, mostly because we didn’t want to get ‘bothered’ by citizens in peril.

    I would think the age of the car would’ve had a calming effect on the ire of the officer, but some people have different frames of reference. Helps to understand that ‘history began EVEN BEFORE you were born…’

    On the other hand, I have encountered people who are convinced that the Dopes of Hazzard was a documentary…

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