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Wanting To Upgrade Your Fuel Tank For EFI? Holley Is Making It Easier With Their All-New Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Modules!

Wanting To Upgrade Your Fuel Tank For EFI? Holley Is Making It Easier With Their All-New Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Modules!

Many people are turning to fuel injection for their projects, and it isn’t difficult to see why. There’s a glut of fuel injected engines in pickers and wrecking yards across the country that offer up cheap and easy horsepower. There is the positive aspect of getting away from the carburetor. There is the opportunity of increased fuel mileage, and a whole host of other reasons why fuel injection is chosen over a simple carb swap. But in older vehicles that didn’t come with fuel injection, the first thing that should be addressed is how to make the fuel system work with the fuel injection setup, and that’s where Holley comes in with their Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Module. How simple is it? Decide whether you want a return-style or returnless setup, pick one of two fuel pump flow options (255 or 450 lph) and inform them of the application, and they will send you the whole kit, ready to plunk down into your existing fuel tank for most applications. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Check out the features below, and be sure to check out Holley.com for this and other parts that may be on your project car list!

Holley is pleased to announce the release of their all-new Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Modules.

Available in both return-style and returnless configurations, these hassle-free fuel modules relieve the burden of converting a factory tank or fuel cell for an in-tank EFI fuel system. They are an ideal fuel system solution for any Holley/MSD EFI multi-point or TBI conversion.

Each version of our drop-in module is available with two fuel-pump options – 255 lph or 450 lph – to match a wide variety of applications. Each module comes with an innovative Holley HydraMat installed to handle fuel-pickup responsibilities, which makes for a powerful combination of engineering and performance.

Returnless Modules include all the features of a standard return module and eliminate the need for a return line and a conventional pressure regulator, which simplifies the job even further. Included is an internal fuel-pressure regulator preset to precisely 60 PSI. Once installation is complete, all that remains is fuel-line routing and connecting the power source and ground.

This billet-aluminum module includes a billet pump-hanger bracket to control pump vibration. The entire assembly installs securely into any tank from 5.5 to 12 inches deep and features a low-profile design that’s only 1.275-inch above the tank-mounting surface for added clearance.

A vibration-resistant clamping system and integrated fuel pump make it easy to locate the module anywhere in the tank and rotate the unit a full 360 degrees for unlimited plumbing and wiring clocking. All-aluminum construction and black anodizing make for great looks and maximum corrosion-resistance. Both pumps utilize ¼-inch NPT ports which create an endless array of plumbing options.

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