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Buford T Justice Update: We Install A First Gen Chevelle Flowmaster Kit On Our 9C1 Caprice!

Buford T Justice Update: We Install A First Gen Chevelle Flowmaster Kit On Our 9C1 Caprice!

Well I celebrated Buford’s one year anniversary in fine style last week by finally getting back to wrenching on the car. The weather has broken, Spring is here, and I found both of my kids when the snow banks melted. Life is very good! If you have been following the saga of Buford T Justice, our 1987 9C1 Caprice you know that in late October, just days before the 2012 SEMA show, I hacked the exhaust off the car at the drags to see what I’d gain in elapsed time. The strip rained out so it was all for naught. I then drove the car to the dyno with the open pipes (hacked off at the crossmember), picked up a couple of HP and went home.

Following that, I added a set of Flowtech long tube headers and the now infamous “Purple Hornies” header mufflers. That was the extent of the exhaust system. While the short glass packs bolted to the header flanges took the sharp edge off the exhaust note, they were (as is no surprise) still not much good in the quiet department. Had I plumbed a full exhaust system for them out the back of the car, the situation may have been a little better than them terminating directly under the driver and passenger seat, but I was in a hurry.  I drove the car with the header mufflers for a few months and finally the people living around me were so out of joint and relations with my elderly ‘hood got so ugly that it was time for action. The good news is that I had conditioned them perfectly for what “loud” was so even putting an aggressive sounding full system on would be a major win.

I started scouring catalogs and exhaust company websites looking for a header back system that was designed for the 1977-1996 B-Body. Try as I may, I couldn’t find one. Flipping into research mode, I discovered that the these B-bodies only vary in wheelbase from a first generation A-Body by one measly inch. The frame width is damned close as well, so that’s when I decided to get creative and call the people at Flowmaster with my plan to try fitting one of their PN 17119 kits that are designed for header applications on first generation A-Body GM cars. This is their American Thunder kit that comes with Super 40 mufflers, mandrel bent 2.5″ pipe and two types of tail pipes to suit your personal preference. Currently, retail on these kits is right around $480.00 depending on who you are shopping through. Not to spoil the story below, but the kit fits the B-Body application great, with a couple of minor tweaks. This isn’t a job you want to rush through. I work slow as it is, but in the interest of getting a good fit, I used a whole day and a little change in the morning to finish this. I did the work in my driveway, so you can too!


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9 thoughts on “Buford T Justice Update: We Install A First Gen Chevelle Flowmaster Kit On Our 9C1 Caprice!

  1. TheSilverBuick

    “and started doing some math as it seemed I would be doing four arms worth of work with my standard issue two arms.” lol,

  2. Greg Rourke

    I’m imagining the sound of Buford idling down St. Charles Road during Lombard cruise night.

  3. Volant

    I will definitely look for the kit. Looks like it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it because it looks awesome when complete.

  4. Jim Rockford

    Holy crap I can’t believe you guys went with flowmasters,, I swear I’m gonna have to show up and help you guys pick better parts and save money..

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