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Racing Junk Find: An Overkill Homebuilt Utility Vehicle

Racing Junk Find: An Overkill Homebuilt Utility Vehicle

Small utility vehicles, sometimes called “side by sides” have really become popular over the last couple years. Initially coveted by farmers and ranchers, they are now popular as toys and recreational vehicles with aftermarket parts ranging from mufflers to superchargers. This is the 100% BangShift approved version of a “side by side”. It sits on 49-inch tires, and a frame of unknown origin. It has axles from a 2.5-ton truck, a big honkin’ snow plow and a dump bed. It also has an angular, hand built body that looks ready for battle. 

The engine is a 350ci small block Chevy, so once you are done scaling the trails, killing zombines, fording a river, or rescuing villagers trapped on a mountain side, you can score parts at the local Wal Mart for pennies on the dollar.

We love the fact that someone had a mental picture of this machine stuck in their head and found a way to get it turned into reality, by their hand or the hand of a professional. We’d love to go trample some woodland creatures with this monster!

(Awesome homebuilt side by side off road machine on RacingJunk)

awesome homebuilt utility vehicle 

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2 thoughts on “Racing Junk Find: An Overkill Homebuilt Utility Vehicle

  1. Anonymous

    I see that is also the exceedingly rare extended cab version of the side-by-side…. still pretty damn cool (and something like what I’ve been considering for snow clearing duties here)

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