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RacingJunk Find: A 1956 Mercury Pro Touring Car That is Neither a 1956 Mercury Nor Pro Touring

RacingJunk Find: A 1956 Mercury Pro Touring Car That is Neither a 1956 Mercury Nor Pro Touring

Far be it from me to question someone’s motivation in the car hobby. After all, I’m the guy into tow trucks, tractors, and other junk of that ilk. That being said, when I see an ad for a “pro touring” 1956 Mercury that turns out to be a virtually stock 1995 Ford Thunderbird with modified 1956 Mercury sheet metal hung on it, it sends me for a loop. The most interesting thing about this car is the fact that it is titled in Texas as a 1956 Mercury! Good luck turning that trick in any of the other 49 states. The fact that the guy cites, “4 wheel independent” suspension as a selling point is both ballsy and hilarious….because EVERY 1995 T-Bird had four wheel independent suspension! The guy even throws in, “drives like a factory build car” to sweeten the deal. Really? Really?!

In case you were wondering, the seller is quick to point out that this is not a kit car, but an all steel bodied machine. We have seen too many of the horrifying ’49 Ford body kits on these Thunderbirds but never someone who hacked up one of the best looking Mercury models ever to slice and dice the pieces onto a T-Bird. At least he could have done it to one with a push rod 302 in it.

[box_dark]Hey, this is what we call a tangent in the business. When I was about 10 years old, we went on a family vacation to the Arizona, Nevada, and Utah area with another family. We drove all over the place in one of these Thunderbirds, the only difference being that ours was earlier and had a 302 in it. At one point, my mom and sister fell asleep and dad let ‘er rip somewhere in the painted desert. We were rolling at about 120mph for a half hour before mom came to. Fun time ended then. Rental car abuse is bred into me. Not my fault. Genetics.[/box_dark]

About the “Pro Touring” portion of this car. There isn’t one. Pure¬†unadulterated bullshit. This is a stock 1995 Thunderbird.

If you haven’t guessed, we’re not interested in buying it, so you can if you want. Oh, and if you do want to buy this, leave BangShift and never come back again. Good day!

RacingJunk Find: A “Pro Touring” 1956 Mercury that is really a stock 1995 Ford Thunderbird




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6 thoughts on “RacingJunk Find: A 1956 Mercury Pro Touring Car That is Neither a 1956 Mercury Nor Pro Touring

  1. threedoor

    I saw one similar to this in TN a few years back. The T-bird had rusted out quarters and the drivers door was hanging off of it. It was a real travisty

  2. marcus

    Amazing level of effort for this pos. Price probably off by, oh, a factor of ten. And is that a stick holding up the hood?

  3. Louis

    I don’t understand your hating on this. It looks pretty good inside and out, and it’s on a much more modern platform with fully independent suspension. Who cares if every 95 tbird has the same? Why is that less legitimate? Jeeze half the hot rods in the world run Mustang II front ends.

  4. John T

    I kind of get Louis’s comment to a degree, but I hate nothing more than misleading ads. If the guy advertised it as a modified tbird you could give him credit for what he’s done – but that’s NOT wgat he did.. my daughter’s boyfriend bought a Valiant off Ebay a year ago cos he believed the advertiser’s claims ( he knows very little about cars – just wanted an oldie) – anyway he got stitched up for nearly 10 grand and I’ve been getting it roadworthy for him for the last year …

  5. Dan

    Really….I love it except the wheel tire combo. While I do drive 87 IROC that GM sold in discise as a trans am, I love these T-Birds with the v-8’s and the independent rears. I like them as T-birds I like them as ’49 Fords and I like them as this Mercury. Really Brian this is Bangshift. The land of automotive butchery ! Having I bad day? Folks I don’t plan on turning in my membership so if you never here from me again…….

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