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Seattle Man Not Named Freiburger Steals Camaro SS From Hertz Hits 150mph During Police Chase

Seattle Man Not Named Freiburger Steals Camaro SS From Hertz Hits 150mph During Police Chase

You always have to worry about internet videos spawning copy cats, so when we read about a man in the Seattle, Washington area who stole a brand new Camaro SS from a Hertz office and later hit 150mph during a police chase, we couldn’t help but think back to the 202mph blast by Freiburger in the Lingenfelter tuned ZL1. We’re not sure if he was inspired by the video of DF hauling the mail down in Texas, but this guy certainly had a hair across his ass to drive a new Camaro.

Police say that a 23-year old man stole the silver 2012 Camaro SS from the Hertz lot at Sea-Tac International Airport at about 11:30PM and when police noticed a large group of people standing around a Camaro SS in the area at 2AM, the driver dropped the hammer for the next 50 miles before finally crashing the car after rolling over spike strips. We guess that new Camaros do not come with run flat tires.

Sure, the 202mph number that Hot Rod laid down in Texas is mammoth, but if a stocker can run 150mph (and maybe hit a factory speed limiter?) that’s pretty impressive, too. Hell, it was probably any automatic, too. We doubt that Hertz would have anything on the lot with a clutch pedal. Stealing cars and running from the cops is not BangShift approved behavior, although it is pretty interesting to see how hard a bone stock SS will run flat out!

Link: 23-year old man leads police on 150mph chase



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10 thoughts on “Seattle Man Not Named Freiburger Steals Camaro SS From Hertz Hits 150mph During Police Chase

  1. Boots

    Ok… am I completely seeing things, or is that a donut spare bolted onto the driver’s side rear?

  2. 75Duster

    Its a donut spare Boots, maybe the driver thought the Camaro was going to turn into a transformer.

  3. Brent

    Looks like a v6 model to me. No intake above the grill. If he got a v6 to 150, that’s even more impressive.

  4. john

    Camaro SS ? 150 mph? The only way THAT CAR could do 150 is off the side of a 100 story building.

  5. 1988montecarloss 2

    wow, it can do 150mph, not really impressive considering my aunts hyundai sonata will do 148mph and a 98-02 car is electronically limited to 167mph……

  6. cyclone03

    I had a friend that was at the front end of a Police chase,the news reported “speeds over 120mph” friend had a very steep geared 5.0 with a C4, at 7500rpm it only ran about 110 in the qaurter.He admitted he never got over 100mph.They still charged him for 120+MPH.The speeds over…is what the cops ran to catch him,BTW his lawyer got the speed charge removed and he just got a fine for failure to stop. About $150 fine plus $1500 for the lawyer….

  7. ollie

    i suspect this mph number is a bit like the street value of confiscated drugs the ‘llice trumpet in the news…’inflated’….

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