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Fragola Performance Systems Rolls Out EZ Street Low Permeation Fuel Hose and EZ Street Hose Ends

Fragola Performance Systems Rolls Out EZ Street Low Permeation Fuel Hose and EZ Street Hose Ends

While we often talk about fuel systems and their construction around here, that conversation tends to center around the pump. That’s all well and good but the pump is but one part of the entire program and without the right fittings and lines that pump is completely and utterly useless. Thankfully companies like Fragola Performance Systems make the parts and pieces to complete your fuel system in a safe, reliable, and modern way. In fact, they are dropping new products all over the place and this is the stuff you NEED if you are building an project and it is has come time to construct your fuel system.

First we have the EZ Street Low Permeation Fuel Hose. This hose is designed to be compatible with all of the modern and classic fuels that people run in their cars today. Old school fuel line does not like the ethanol blends that find their way into fuel tanks today. This hose is compatible with all of the modern pump gas blends, diesel, methanol, and other Ethanol based fuels. That’s a huge deal. The hose uses a nitrile based inner tube that blocks 99% of vapor from escaping which virtually eliminates the fuel smell that so often is complained about by owners of old school fuel systems. The outside of the hose as an Aarmid reinforcing braid that helps it maintain its integrity.

To match the hose are the EZ Street hose ends that use a single SAE barb and a push lock style clamp to retain it. In true Fragola fashion they are making all of their ends in house at their Connecticut facilities. We have toured the place and it is amazing. These are 100% made in the USA parts and you can be confident in their quality because of the pride and history that the Fragola family has in the business.

There are a wide range of hose ends available and you can see them all on the images below.

Building a fuel system in your new hot rod? Fragola has you covered from end to end and even in the middle!


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