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Hurry! You Can Save 17% On Many Items At OPGI.com – New Year, New Savings

Hurry! You Can Save 17% On Many Items At OPGI.com – New Year, New Savings

You are back to work this week after the holidays and while you may have been dragging a little earlier in the week, we know that you are back up to speed now. That means you are cruising the internet, dreaming about your current project, and trying to will away the crummy winter weather so you can drive it again. It also means you are shopping for parts! Well in that vein, OPGI.com has a huge sale going on right now and it could save you up to 17% on many of the myriad of items that they sell.

If grandma threw you a couple of bucks to buy something for yourself, now’s the time to spend that cash that’s burning a hole in your pocket. OPGI’s massive selection of restoration and performance parts can help you bring your car back up to a great state both in the visual department and the functionality department. Need body panels, interior pieces, trim? They have it. Want to cruise a selection of speed parts? They have those too!

All you need to do is click the image below and check out the sale and the OPGI.com website. Oh yeah, and buy something!



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