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Looking For A Job In The Hot Rod Industry? McLeod Clutches Is Hiring!

Looking For A Job In The Hot Rod Industry? McLeod Clutches Is Hiring!

If you have been looking to ditch your current job and bust your way into the high performance aftermarket, McLeod may have the opportunity that you are looking for. The company is growing and expanding and with that, they need people to fill jobs. If you are a mechanically minded, customer service focused, an organization freak, or someone who can answer tech questions and sell clutches, there are opportunities a-plenty.

The current positions that are open are:

  •  Reworks/ Returns Assembly Technician
  • Entry Level Assembly Team Member  
  • Warehouse/ Inventory Coordinator Team Member
  • Sales Team Member

As we have reported, McLeod made huge waves at the 2016 PRI show when they announced the fact that they are working with Raybestos to expand their product offerings into the world of automatic transmissions. Clutches have been, are now, and will forever be their core but McLeod is working on a multitude of interesting and cool projects that you may want to be a part of from the inside out.

The link below will take you to the jobs and their comprehensive listings. We always love to hear when guys leave jobs their hate and go to work at a place they love. If a BangShifter applies for or gets one of these jobs we want to know about it!


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