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Three Historic Pro Stocks to hit the Block at Mecum Auction in January

Three Historic Pro Stocks to hit the Block at Mecum Auction in January

Three cars that seemingly make up the holy trinity of early Pro Stockers will hit the auction block at the Mecum Auction to be held January 26-30 in Kissimmee, Florida. A Sox and Martin Hemi ‘Cuda, Bob Glidden’s Pinto, and Grumpy Jenkins 1970 Camaro are all up for grabs. While the Camaro doesn’t have the national event and championship bling that both the Pinto and ‘Cuda do, it was an ass kicker on the match race circuit with big inch engines under the hood. 

Let’s have a peek at all three cars:

Bob Glidden Pro Stock pinto

Here are the highlights as listed by Mecum for Bob Glidden’s Pro Stock Pinto:

- No title, no VIN race car 
– In 1974 won three major events and the NHRA Pro Stock Championship, with wins at the Spring Nationals, the US Nationals and the Worlds Finals. Along the way, he set both ends of the national record with an 8.83 elapsed time at 154.90 MPH 
– The glidden Pinto holds avery special place in drag racing history. It won 20 NHRA National events and 3 World Championships. No other Pro Stocker of that period even comes close to these accomplishments 
– Chrome moly tube frame, the rear end assembly is braced to eliminate flexing 
– The engine is a singularly original Glidden built Boss 351 Cleveland unit, the only one he ever sold with one of his cars, almost every single component has been massaged in some way 
– Originally painted Red, the car was refinished in its distinctive Stars and Stripes livery by Glidden’s partner Bob Allen 

- The Bob Glidden Pro Stock World Champion Pinto is presented in its 1975-1976 form, representing the year it won its second of three chamionships

Sox and Martin 1971 Hemi 'Cuda

Here’s the good stuff on the ‘Cuda from Mecum’s website:

- This is the very car That “Mr. Four-Speed”, the legendary Ronnie Sox , piloted to 14 dominating wins in the 1971 NHRA season. The ’71 Cuda represented the pinnicale of performance for the Chrysler factory drag racing program and also for the Sox & Martin team, as oppressive weight breaks, the discontinuation of the Hemi and rule changes favoring tube-framed small block racecars conspired against Pro Stock Mopar racers. Never the less Sox & Martin ’71 Hemi Cuda’s spectacular racing success that season stands proudly in the record books 
– Extensive restoration to its ’71 race configuration and is in exquisite condition 
– 426 CI Hemi engine with dual plug cylinder heads, dual quad intake 
– 4-speed transmission that Ronnie Sox shifted with such virtuosic skill 
– Finished in the Red, White and Blue Sox & Martin livery

- Races won in ’71, Super Nationals, Nationals, Grand, Spring, Gator and Winter Nationals 


Grumpy Jenkins Camaro

Here’s the details on Da Grump’s Camaro:

- The return of Grumpy’s Toy 
– In July 1970 the world got to see the latest in a long line of “Malvern Missile’s” as formerly unveiled the all new “Grumpy’s Toy VIII” 
– 12-bolt GM passenger car rear axle housing narrowed 2 1/2″ 
– 5.31 GM service package positraction gear set 
– Extended 1970 Camaro spring hangers 
– Heavy duty rear leaf springs moved inboard 
– Lakewood traction bars 
– Gusseted front sub frame 
– Sub frame connectors were added to eliminate torsional stress on the body 
– Engine was torque strapped to the frame 
– 430 inch GM rat motor 
– 2×4 Edelbrock tunnel ram intake sporting a pair of big bore 750 CFM Holley carburetors 

- T10S 4-speed transmission with 2.43 low gear



Click here to see the whole list of cars for the auction 

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