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Roadside Find: Real 1966 Corvette 4×4 Trar

Roadside Find: Real 1966 Corvette 4×4 Trar

On a recent trip back to Texas, the parental units pointed out this
well done 1966 Corvette 4×4 conversion. More often called a trar (truck/car),
this particular homogenization is still more 1966
Corvette than not. While trars are usually made by placing some
unsuspecting car on top of a Chevy Blazer or Ford Bronco chassis, this
Corvette is so such beast. Starting with a real 1966
Chevrolet Corvette, the running gear, which includes 1-ton axles, was mounted to the stock Corvette chassis.This is southern engineering at its finest.

The full Corvette frame is still in place, ready for restoration back
to America’s favorite sports car. The redneck prerequisite roll bar is
not equipped with lights, which we found dissappointing. The fender
flares, which we normally consider a complete violation, are somehow
fitting when covering up 39.5-inch Buckshot Mudders. The front end
treatment of rectangle headlights, along with the add on extra pair of
tail lights out back, recall a day when such mods were the
norm, and made your Vette cool.  

The biggest regret is that we didn’t realize that the key was in it until
after watching some of the video. We suck. I want a test drive.

Check out the pics and video below.

1966 Corvette 4x4 4 wheel drive Trar

1966 Corvette 4x4 4 wheel drive Trar




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