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Great Chase: The Campy But Still Awesome Car Chase From The Stallone Movie “Cobra”

Great Chase: The Campy But Still Awesome Car Chase From The Stallone Movie “Cobra”

The Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra may be mostly unwatchable dreck, but I like the car chase in it, despite the fact that there’s a fair amount of campy weirdness throughout. The reason I like it is because it is the hardest I have ever seen, or will ever see an old Mercury get driven. Lead sleds are cool to look at but obviously they aren’t known for ground pounding power or jumps, so that’s where my enjoyment of this car chase comes in. Most of it was filmed at pretty low speeds because the Mercury is chasing an Aspen or Volare or some other mid-1970s heap that would stall when the cigarette lighter was pushed in, but the genuine automotive violence that happens on screen is worth your price of admission.

Stuff to look for that’s so bad it is funny? When Stallone blows up the pickup truck shortly after the video starts, you can see it was a rare tube framed 1970s Ford F-150. Sad they wrecked that one, after  all, how many were ever built with a full chrome-moly chassis? Him flipping the “nitrous” switch and bending the needle right off the end of the speedo is funny, and there are continuity issues with the whole thing. At one point the car is chasing someone and then BLAMO it is in front, spun around, and Sly is blasting them to bits. Campy and low budget? You betcha!


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2 thoughts on “Great Chase: The Campy But Still Awesome Car Chase From The Stallone Movie “Cobra”

  1. Damien

    You may call it “campy” but the cars in this chase are actually being driven and not just a load of complete fantasy CGI rubbish which could never happen. If you want to see another great example of actual driving in a movie then check out Highwaymen, the general storyline is a bit exaggerated but the driving and car play is authentic with the exception of when the Saab gets lauched halfway through the film. Link below:


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