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Saturday Movie Day: The Famous “We’ll Have An Automobile Race” Scene From Two Lane Blacktop

Saturday Movie Day: The Famous “We’ll Have An Automobile Race” Scene From Two Lane Blacktop

Today, I am going to pick my favorite clips and scenes from my favorite car movies of all time, you probably dig these as well. I am leading off with a good one from the cult classic Two Lane Blacktop. This is the scene where Dennis Wilson and James Taylor scope out a drive in to find a candidate to street race for money. They happen upon a cool 1932 Ford with a 427ci big block in it and decided to go in for the kill.

The exchange between Taylor and the owner of the ’32 is one of the coolest in car movie history. CAUTION – THERE IS SWEARING – AN “MF” GETS DROPPED HERE AND IF THAT OFFENDS YOU, YOUR PETS, KIDS, CO-WORKERS, OR CELL MATE DON’T WATCH.

When Taylor tells the guys that he’s not, “in the habit of seeing the Chevy work against a two bit piece of junk,” it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The line is delivered so matter of fact that it is totally great and frankly is elevendy-thousand times better than some blustery yelling and screaming on the drag race TV shows currently out there. Then there’s the awesome “make it three yards mother-bleeper and we’ll have an automobile race,” line that is probably the best ever delivered in a car movie. The sounds of both big block cars being power shifted down the road is beyond compare.


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9 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Day: The Famous “We’ll Have An Automobile Race” Scene From Two Lane Blacktop

  1. Tim G

    Not to put too fine a point on it but one of the things that always made me laugh watching this movie,besides Dennis Wilsons jet obbsession, is the fact that it’s really a Chevy Coupe not a Ford. LOL

  2. Greg Rourke

    Not only did they use this 55 in American Graffiti, but the sound effects too. Listen to the beginning of the race here, then when Falfa challenges Milner to race in town. Milner stops at the light, Falfa jumps on it and goes through the red.
    The music in Two Lane is just awful, I imagine they had no budget for real music.

    1. John T

      The music is awful??????????? Thats Moonlight Drive by the Doors playing in the background!!! Jeez if the Doors is `too awful ‘ for you just turn the sound off and put your favourite Justin Beiber album on……

  3. Anthony Castillo

    Two Lane has no music score. The sound track is the music that can be heard on a car’s radio/tape deck, being played in a bar, or sung by Laurie Bird (the Girl). You only hear music that the characters would be hearing and it was the music of the time, which did not suck. You may not like a particular song but there is no way that all the music picked for the film sucked. In fact the major reason it took Two Lane so long to come out on DVD was getting all the music clearances, the Doors song being the most expencive of them all to get (but they got a break on the tune). American Graffiti used this same music formula, as well as the same car.

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